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Default Re: Goat's Early April Mock

Originally Posted by MojoMan View Post
I really like the idea of taking a cornerback first. However, if it is going to be Alphonso Smith, he can probably be had later in the first round. If he is going to be the pick, then the Texans should really trade down a bit and pick him up a bit later, like they did with Duane Brown last year. That would also add at least one more draft pick, possibly enabling the Texans to spend more resources on the secondary as you have suggested.
I think as long as we stay in front of NE at 23 we have a pretty good shot at him. There's a line starting with them and continuing for the next few picks that could take a corner if their bigger needs aren't available.

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
I'm just not a big back-end guy, too heavy there for my liking not a particularly strong draft class in area.
I kept trying to find a spot to fit a pass rusher like Sidbury, but the 2nd seemed too high, and the 3rd too late. If he was there in the 3rd I'd strongly consider him. I think a great secondary like this will improve the front seven. We had very few/no coverage sacks last season, and having guys that scare QBs away from making risky throws is going to make them hold onto the ball longer. Mario was a split second away from having 25 sacks, and Okoye was just one step away a dozen+ times.

Of course I'm one of the few who thinks we're solid at all our starting LB spots, and just need depth.

Originally Posted by TimeKiller View Post
I think this is a great draft to complete the secondary but so much is left by the wayside in doing so I don't know that it would be worth it. Ringer not the correct choice either, we need more size at backup RB...a goalline/short yardage type. I like both S and think they would be starting by year's end but the Smith pick I just can't swallow. If we looked at LB Matthews, Laraunitis or if Jenkins slips, or hell I'd rather have Wells or Moreno there instead of reaching for a CB. So to completely cherry pick your draft:
1. Matthews (I can't help myself anymore. It's automatic, sorry)
2. Johnson FS
3. Hamlin SS
4. Gartrell Johnson RB
4a. CB Here, a few guys fit the mold of CB that Smithiak takes
5-7 I like. Maybe I would go after Oline depth before I went after another OLB or Dline depth (Miller) but these guys are projects no matter what and I like who you went after.
Originally Posted by whiskeyrbl View Post
Interesting mock going for DB's in first 3 rds. I would go for a larger punishing RB however. Overall not to bad.
I haven't been impressed with the power backs after Wells and Greene. I think Ringer is a guy who just has a nose for the end zone. 22 TDs in 2008. He's a lot like Dom Davis, or Priest Holmes in that he can break the arm tackles, or just squirt through that little crack and slip in for the score. We have to get a guy who could be a starter if Slaton goes down, and I don't feel confident that the day 2 powerbacks can be effective as the feature back the way Ringer would.

A big bruiser would be great, but I don't think we can fix all of our needs in one draft. Unfortunately something is going to get left out.

Originally Posted by dalemurphy View Post
Goat, what do you think about Darius Butler or Vontae Davis? I think this mock draft is another example of why we must trade down, even if we can only get 80 cents on the dollar. If we trade down into the late first and pickup a second, or a third and fourth, it will allow us to address the interior line... something we MUST do!

I like your mock, but we'd be going into minicamp with Chris White and Kasey Studdard as our primary backups inside... not to mention the fact that Pitts is scheduled to become a FA after '09 and we have a ton of contracts coming up at the same time.
Butler in coverage is a more athletic, but sloppy version of Alphonso Smith. His fundamentals aren't as polished as Smith, and he needs to improve on his backpedal technique. He has good hands/ball skills, but doesn't do the best job of getting in position to use those abilities. He sticks to his man most of the time, but will sometimes lose focus and let his guy get too much separation. He's not as physical as Smith at the line, or in run support, but he will still make the effort to tackle the ball carrier, even if not highly effective at it.

If he gets with a good coaching staff he could really developer into a good pro. If he goes somewhere with poor coaching he's just going to be exposed and waste all of his talent.

Davis is a guy I liked in 2007, and watched him early in the year. After a couple of games in '08 he just really didn't strike me as a good football player, and he seemed to have regressed. Instead of working hard to improve his core skill set he just tries to get by on athletic ability. Sure he has almost everything you look for athletically (except the T-Rex arms), and is really strong for a corner, but there's more to being a corner than strength and speed. He's physical within 5 yards of the line, and could end up better than Jenkins in run support. He doesn't seem to have great awareness, and his ball skills are just ok. He doesn't always give his best effort, and will quit on some plays that he doesn't think he can make(but probably could if he went 100%). He will often let a guy get past him and end up chasing the play instead of being in the middle of it. In other words he gets burned.

Then there is his attitude. He has clashed with coaches over his effort, and he has a big ego that makes him hard to teach. I think he can be a good corner, but he's almost as likely to be a bum like his worthless kin.

I agree that we need some more depth in the middle, and a more physical starting center would be great, but we only have so many picks. There's a good chance we trade down in the first and still get Smith, while picking up a couple of day 2 picks where there's O-line depth(Maybe a 4th and 6th from Detroit). I don't project trades in my mocks though since it's pretty much impossible.

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