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Default Re: Earl Campbell was an Oiler not a Titan and will always be a Texan!

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Guys... guys... the beauty of it all is that the Titans fans will always have to deal with this kind of stuff. Its what happens to hand me downs. We got to enjoy one franchise from the very beginnings, no strings attached... and now a brand spanking new one AGAIN... no strings attached. Start our own history from scratch. No matter how you slice it, its sloppy seconds for them. I bet that is a drag.
Exactly. Why even continue this stupid conversation? The history will always remain with the city and the fans that watched the history happened regardless of what the history books say. I guess when we are all dead and gone and our grandchildren or great-grandchildren read about the team, then sure they will know of the Tennessee Oilers. But by then, will it even matter? Because I strongly believe by that point we will have a team known as the Houston Texans, and that team will have something the Houston Oilers never had: a Super Bowl ring!
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