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Default Re: My one and only mock

Originally Posted by Maddict5 View Post
1. Detroit Lions: Jason Smith, OT, Baylor. Do the lions follow the '07 Cleveland or the '08 Falcons model with their first round picks? I say they go with the more sure thing in Smith. the last thing dtroit needs is another bust.

2. St Louis Rams: Eugene Monroe, OT, Viriginia.The rams replace Pace straight away with a guy they can rely on for the next decade

3. KC: Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech: KC can go alot of different ways here with Orakpo, Curry & even Andre Smith as possibiliies. In the end, Haley remembers what two big physical wrs can do for an offence

4. Seattle: Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest: Seattle arrests Curry's mini-slide here by immediately finding Julian Peterson's replacement. I expect Curry to fall this far at least on draft day. Stafford is another option here but matt has another few years left in him.

5. Browns: Everette Brown, DE, Florida State: Cleveland badly needs a pass rush. Orakpo is big, strong and fast and is a popular pick but his lack of moves and slight stiffness could scare Cleveland off. Instead they go with the guy that has the moves and who might even be able to teach Wimbley some stuff.

6. Bengals: Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas: The bengals are delighted that orakpo falls to them and makes a nice addition to their pass rush. Its good for orakpo too as he gets to stay in a 4-3 which imo is his best fit.

7. Raiders: BJ Raji, DT, BC: The raiders can go alot of ways here- Malcolm Jenkins, Andre Smith & Maclin would all be good picks but they have promising young guys like Mario Henderson (plus they signed Barnes), Chris Johnson & Chaz Schilens & Higgins who all looked good in limited action last yr who they want to get more of a look at so instead they give kelly & sands some help inside. Raji would probably beat one of them out and be an impact DT. not as good as ellis last yr imo.

8. Jags: Andre Smith, OT, Alabama: Jacksonville had big o-line problems last year and Barnes has left. Despite his faults, Andre Smith is an NFL ready OT that Del Rio will be sure he can keep tabs on weight wise etc. Too early to give up on Garrard yet.

9. Mark Sanchez, QB, USC: time to end the aaron rodgers era in........... ok kidding- this is taking alot ****ing longer than i expected so i need to lighten the mood. GB were probably hoping for some help in their front 7 but many of their preferred options like Raji & Brown are gone but Jenkins is a pretty nice consolation. A really good corner with harris & woodson getting up there. suits their style of physical & smart that can man up. a great nickel to start with or starter depending on whether they decide to keep woodson at safety.

10. SF: Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia. Hill did a decent job last year but Stafford offers a huge potential upgrade that at 10 isnt a massive gamble. Plus davis, oher & maclin are probably the only alternatives at this point so it just kind of fits.

11. Bills: Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn ST. Buffalo had a bad yr rushing the passer and likes their undersized ends so they add the best first step in the draft at 11. may only start off as a nickel rusher but should eventually develop into a nice pick

12. Denver: Vontae Davis, CB, Illnois. Could go with sanchez depending on how the cutler situation goes. At this point however they need help on defence and davis is really the only option unless they reach for Clay 3 or Jackson. Bly is gone so davis will probably step right in

13. Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee. The redskins address their biggest need with Ayers. Some will say its a reach but despite less than gaudy stats, ayers was a constant thorn last year. They may think about sanchez will decide to stick with campbell still. they're in win now mode for the next couple yrs.

14. NO: Brian Cushing, OLB, USC. Have to go Defence or RB (allow a texans fan a nice LOL here... kthx) or maybe o-line here. Unfortunately jenkins or davis didnt fall so they're stuck in no mans land. could reach for the fast rising Darius Butler or take wells. however in the end peyton decides to add another chapter in his 'how to run an unsuccessful 4-3 using 3 white LB'ers' book (ok vilma ruined that joke but it was funny last yr dammit)

15. Houston: Clint Sintim, DE/OLB, Virginia- well tbh this has worked out pretty awful for the texans. My own preference would be to still add a speed rusher like maybin/brown or Raji/Jenkins (the dream faller). Not a huge clay fan. oher would be a nice addition to the o-line but we really need to go defence. A trade down would be nice instead of reaching for delmas. In the end we take Clint Sintim- a nice rusher who can also play LB if necessary

16. SD: Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss: They get the OT they need & missed out on last year. Sorry charger fans but this is taking forever. Time to spped it up a bit. Jackson is also an option.

17. Jets: Mark Sanchez, QB, USC: Worked out nicely for the jets. they didnt even need to trade up and sanchez is a nice surprise as they thought they'd be stuck with freeman. MAclin is also a strong possibility if they think anything of any of the qb's they already have.

18. Bears: Jeremy Maclin, WR, Mizzou: Too much value to pass up. Upgrades the wrs greatly aswell as the kick ret..... nvm lets just move on

19. Bucs: Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss. Great value for a really nice DT here. Freeman is also an option but the Bucs feel confident with Luke McCown & co. (good luck with that)

20. Detroit: Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State. Sit to groom behind daunte for a yr. not a big fan but i can see the potential

21. Philly: Hakeem Nicks, WR, UNC. Philly gets a big physical wr with great hands to complement jackson and white lightning

22. Percy Harvin, WR, Florida. Another playmaker for sage. Butler might be an option to begin grooming winfields eventual replacement.

23. NE: Clay Matthews, LB, USC: too tired but you know they'll go D here with one of the olb's or butler again

24. Atlanta: Darius Butler, CB, Conneticut: atlanta will probably go secondary with this pick. Pettigrew is an option as is delmas

25. Dolphins: Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest. good cb here to pair up with allen. should start from the get go

26. Ravens: DHB, WR, Maryland. nice fit. could go with one of the de/olb types or rey rey.

27. Colts: Ziggy Hood. Nice high motor DT to help solve some of their run issues

28. Philly: Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma: good value here. donovan now has some nice weapons

29. NYG: Rey Mauluga, LB, USC. Could start off at SLB before eventually replacing pierce in the middle down the line.

30. Tennessee: Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio St: they need some decent wrs. some d-line is a possibly

31. Cards: Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia. after watching hightower plough into the back of the line all last year it'll be a nice change to have a back with vision. delmas is also an option

32. Steelers: Alex Mack, C, Cal. O-line is the main need on a pretty stacked team.

edit: damn just realised that other mock had us taking sintim too

Everyone has Mack going to the Steelers @32. I think they take a C but not untill later in the draft. My money is on AQ Shipley in the 3rd or 4th round.

Im a big Matthews fan I was the first one here top start talknig about him. However I wouldnt be upset if we go Sintim. If our scouts think he is a better fit than Matthews then so be it. I have faith in them to not make the same mistakes our previous front office made. But right now IMO Mathews is the better fit.
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