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Really like the last one - I agree - I bet if Palmer sat in the pocket 3 or 4 times and got sacked during a practice session - he might be prompted to do things a little better and faster to get the line up to serviceable shape for real games and put in alot more 3 and 5 step drops.

IMO - New scheme or not - those guys are paid good money to do one job for the most part - Protect the QB. They have failed miserably for 3 years now and DC is the guy paying for it. IT wont be long before one or the other breaks. DC cant keep dodging hard shots forever - IF they dont step up the protection a whole lot and make progress, eventually somebody is going to stick DC so hard he's going to be injured - and injured bad. Then the line will have nobody to blame anymore but the guy in the mirror.

Honestly I think they need to bring in every LT that wasnt drafted this past year and have them go thru drills and see if there isnt some bodies we can pick up for depth.
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