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i think no matter how you slice things Williams was in a tough spot. He is from the low end of the economic scale and has a pretty strong possibility of a big time payday put in front of him. How many of us as Sophomores in college would have done the same thing.

The NFL did fully let him know their position and intention to appeal the lower court ruling. Williams took the bet, which quite a few folks believed he would win, and came up short. I honestly thought that the minute an underclassman challenged the draft rules they would win, I was wrong too.

Williams did follow the letter of the law, albeit the letters kept changing. If the NCAA lets him in or not it won't bug me too much. I personally think the best path here is the NFL conducting a supplemental draft. I agree that the NFL is getting a free farm system and that they are in fact joined at the hip with the NCAA on this. I also agree that players should be compensated, particularly when you look at the revenue streams that they generate for their schools vs. the cost of letting a kid go to class and pay his room&board.
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