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Default Re: Da General's 1st Round Mock 2.0

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
Value to me in the draft is taking the best football player for your team NOW, instant starter who can help improve the most in a specific area, the NFL is now very much a specialist league so you need to select the most proven skilled player.

You also know some teams are gonna make these kind of mistakes in scouting picking ahead of the Texans thus dropping a premier talent Houston way, thats where value is -identifying that player who helps you improve the most over the competition.

Measureables vs. tape. They should be used only to verify results on the field not to project how much better athletically a prospect is or will become. Its a tool used to check off on a list of items used in scouting to grade prospects only not a be all end all solution.
To me, this sounds like an argument to have picked Bush over Williams...

I get what you're saying, but I just don't think it's that exact of a science.
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