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Default Re: Big Lou's First Ever Texans Mock Draft

1. Clay Mathews
2. William Moore (I haven't given up on this guy yet)
3. DE (Johnson or Ayers or a sleeper like Sidbury)
4. Andre Brown (Maybe Glenn Coffee)
4. OG (Antoinne Caldwelle OG/C)
5. Pat White or Stephen McGee
6. RB (Speedster if we get someone with some bulk in the 4th)
7. WR or Blocking TE[/quote]

I like takin william moore in the second (just because he had a bad year doesnt mean his whole career will be bad) especialy if he returns to his junior season form. I hear hes a firery player and u cant ever hav to many of those.

I would love Johnson or Ayers in the third although i doubt they will be there.

I like RB in the 4th although i like rashad jennings but idk wat round hes supposed to be taken.

It would be a dream come true if we got pat white. we could add a lil of the wild cat to our play book and he could play some reciever

In the first i would want to trade down and pick up a second (Giants they have 2) then we could take Johnson in the second who is who i realy want and possibly take alphonso smith or darius butler in the first.
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