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Originally Posted by keyfro
i don't know if it's dirty football...because it gets the job done...and if both the offensive and defensive players are diciplined enough no injuries would occur...but that's not the case is it...realistically this type of block injuries probably 20+ players a season in the nfl...and a lot more in college...the key to this is the o-lineman not rolling when they cut block...that's when they injure players...rolling to make sure they get's just all about the knees gotta protect your knees...WR's do the same block on everyone's just a matter of being aware on the field
I can assure that no matter how much situational awareness you might have if you get cut blocked by a pulling guard or crack blocked by a WR you run a big risk of getting hurt. The block is legal but it is definetly a major cause of injuries among linemen and LBs. I have seen countless times when a guard or center is coming around on a pull or screen and takes a guys legs out...and injuries occur pretty frequently.

All in is a legal move, one that both sides of the line use on occaision. I don't fault Alex Gibbs for instituting it or protecting his players in practice from it, that's just how it is in football.
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