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Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
Now for the rest of the Texans picks, pre-combine-

2). Robert Ayers, DE Tennessee 6031 273
If still on the board. second choice Paul Kruger, DE Utah. third choice DE Jarron Gilbert. theme is to take the best available DE in the second rd.

3a). Lawerence Sidbury, DE/OLB Richmond, 6023 265

Love his potential, explosive smooth athletic ability can flip hips & change direction on a dime. could be developed as situational pass rusher & OLB.

3b). Rashad Jennings, RB Liberty 6-1 234

By trading down the Texans once again address RB this time with a power style back to compliment Steve Slaton. Good instincts, north & south runner.

4). A.Q. Shipley, Center Penn State 6010 297 (for mussop)

I'm upgrading Shipley grade one round, because he is also a long snapper which the Texans need since they will not resign Bryan Pittman. Also there is nobody to back-up Meyers or upgrade Meyers which ever the case may turn out to be so this pick has extra value for Texans & he should be there for the taking.

5). Ellis Lankster, CB West Virginia 5091 191

Also upgraded one round, trying to be realistic, great instincts, fast competitive & solid in run support could get a shot @ FS but is a solid CB.

6). Brandon Tate, WR/KR North Carolina 6-1 195

Playmaker who had severe season ending acl otherwise no way he is still on the board. He comes into camp 100% recovered & competes with Jacoby for WR/KR duties.

7). Michael Bennett, DE Texas A&M 6-4 271

If still on the board. second choice Phillip Hunt, DE Houston, third choice Nick Reed, DE Oregon. overloading position but out of this bunch the Texans should generate a much improved pass rush.
[/QUOTE I thought I had posted but didn't. I just disagree with you on need at LB vs where you pick. I like the trade with Chicago but would have tried another trade down with Atlanta. Cushing is good but not needed in first. I like Ayers and Sidbury in 3rd solves the OLB you want and you do not have double up for 2 spots with 3 players. Jennings in 3rd is excellent.

1. trade #15 to Chicago getting a 3rd; then trade to #24 with Atlanta for a 2nd round or 3rd and 5th. I see Atlanta jumping on Cushing and we get more picks. AT #24 we select Ron Brace NT (a bit high but he is rated a 2nd)

2 a (ours) Robert Ayers DE
2b (Atlanta) Max Unger Center
3a (ours) Sidbury (I'm ok with this)
3b (Bears) Jennings RB
3 c (Atlanta) FS Rashad Johnson
4th (ours) ?
4th (Vikings for Sage)?
No way we draft 3 DE's in one draft.
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