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Originally Posted by infantrycak
He should be allowed back to college because he played by the rules presented to him the entire time--the rules just kept changing.
I do not agree and I do not think he should have his eligiblity restored.

The NCAA eligibility rules didn't change, the NFL rules changes. He was wronged, but by the NFL. The NFL should satisfy him (supplimental draft or suit), not college football.

If he is allowed to play college football it will further confirm (in my mind) that college football acts in collusion with the NFL to maintain a wildly profitable (for the NFL and some colleges and college coaches) system of 'minor league' development, with out fairly compensating the players (compare the compensation of baseball players by MLB).

If they let him back in USC, then some other student athlete (who is less likely to ever get a professional contract), who actually attended classes in the spring, will lose his scholarship so that the following year Williams can make even more millions above what he will otherwise get.
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