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Default mike williams!!!!

espn reported that mike williams has dropped his agent...enrolled back at USC in summer school and is submitting request to be allowed back into NCAA football...

do you as fans of the game believe he should be allowed back into college football or not?

and do you as fans believe him to be the best college football player entering the 2004/2005 season?

personally i would allow him back into the college ball for two it gives the general public a superstar if you will at the college level...
and two because he's done everything you would expect a player of his caliber to do in the situation he was in...
he followed what everyone told him to do and got dealt a bad hand...give the kid a break...

he is the best reciever in college ball i don't think he's the best college football player...personally i think that honor goes to (you longhorn fans have no idea how much it sickens me to say this) derrick johnson...he's been dominating since his freshman year...and i know personally he's been a thorn in the red raider's side for three going on four years...but oh well there's my two cents
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