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Default Beerlover Pre-Combine Mock

1) Detroit 0-16 .Andre Smith LG 6-4 340 Alabama
Proto-typical NFL size, strength & athletic ability to lock down inside protection for QB & run lanes for balanced attack. they also need to address RG but will do so later on 2nd day. entire new direction for organization w/new GM Mayhew & James Harris player director of personel from Jacksonville along with Lenehan former Rams HC all know the value of franshicse type OL.

2) St. Louis 2-14 Jason Smith, OT Baylor 6-5 300

Struggled more with this pick even though I know they take a LT, the question is by draft day which OT grades out #1? Smith just seems like the ascending talent in this draft for LT position. He is not a drop anchor type but more athletic gifted package of pass blocking & run blocking. Since this is pre-combine Mock I think he will distinguish himself with better speed & conditiong while improving his strength.

3) Kansas City 2-14 Eugene Monroe, OT Virginia 6-5 315

This reunites former Virginia Cavaliers offensive line mates & opens several options. I feel before addressing their QB position this line needs to solidify & invest the appropriate talent neccesary to once again be a dominant force.

4) Seattle Seahawks 4-12 Michael Oher, OT Mississippi 6-5 320

Hopefully Walter Jones can respond to surgery & is not done so he can mentor young, talented but raw Michael Oher. I think this is a perfect fit but I was tempted with Crabtree as well, still Hassleback must have protection & time to hit his WR's so this need has to be addressed first depsite the first four picks all being OL.

5) Cleveland 4-12 Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech 6-3 214

Crabtree could go higher, no doubt about that but Edwards has been such a huge dissapointment that covering bases & taking bpa at this point makes the most sense.

6) Cincinnati 4-11-1 Aaron Curry, OLB Wake Forrest 6-2 246

First defensive player off the board. playmaker with ideal size & should also be the most productive rookie in his first season with the helpless Bengals.

7) Oakland 5-11 Michael Johnson, DE Georgia Tech 6-7 258

With run on OT early the Raiders next biggest need is pass rushing specialist but someone big enough to hold up in run support. He is the only DE who has top 10 measureables & this is something Al Davis follows & sign off on.

8) Jacksonville 5-11 B.J. Raji, DT Boston College 6-1 325

Also wanting OL help but with top prospects, Smtih/Smtih, Monore & Oher off the board they try & replace Stroud to help Henderson regain that physical insdie domininace it once enjoyed.

9) Green Bay 6-10 Brian Orakpo, DE Texas 6-4 260

Fits need would have liked Raji if still available. Brian will have excellent workouts & shine @ the Combine, close between him & Everette but thats my call as of now.

10) San Francisco 7-9 .Malcolm Jenkins, CB Ohio State 6-0 200

Singletary sticks with what he knows, defense & the 49ers are lucky Malcolm is still on the board. complete skill set, excellent size the only elite cb talent in this class.

11) Buffalo 7-9 Evertte Brown, DE Florida State 6-4 252

Defensive line coach Bob Sanders, meanwhile, takes over for Bill Kollar. He was Green Bay's defensive coordinator the past three seasons. He's been hired to help Buffalo's pass rush and Buffalo will be paying close attention to DE prospects like Texas' Brian Orakpo, Florida State's Everette Brown, so it boils down between those two whoever is available.

12) Denver 8-8 Peria Jerry, DT Mississippi 6-3 300

After BJ Raji, Jerry is the next best DL prospect of the draft. Brings high energy to mile high city were he'll need that extra lung capacity. disruptive & penetrating unknown as of yet if they plan to switch over & play in a 3-4 if this were the case Denver may try to trade up to draft Raji who is more of a NT.

13) Washington 8-8 Rey Maualuga, USC MLB 6-2 260

London Fletcher is 105 this season (jk) Redskins need to address defense early & often. Rey is a leader with ready to start mesaureables/intincts & would be an excellent fit looking real comfortable as MLB for the Washington Redskins.

14) New Orleans 8-8 Vontae Davis, CB Illinois 6-0 204

most consider Vontae as the next best cb in this draft after Malcolm Jenkins & this has to be the Saints primary need.

15) Chicago Bears (via Houston Texans) 9-7 Matthew Stafford, QB Georgia 6-3 236

Chicago is too tempted & afraid to wait until they select to risk losing the #1 rated QB @ their #1 position of need. It makes too much sense both for Chicago (Jets hanging out @ #17) & Texans.

16) San Diego 8-8 Moreno Knowshon, RB Georgia 5-11 208

They must realize their mistake by now letting Michael Tuner walk still I don't see them paying Sproles either? they are a traditional two back system & this would be ideal for Moreno to learn from one of the best all-time.

17 New York Jets 9-7 Mark Sanchez, QB USC 6-3 225

Bears leapfrog Jets for Matthews leaving Sanchez on the board. very accurate arm, played @ high level in Pro-style program, lots of upside with good line in place & balanced running attack.

18) Houston (via Chicago) 8-8 Brian Cushing, OLB USC 6-3 243

Texans address OLB with versatile inside/out defensive playmaker who fits alongside DeMeco & over the top of Mario. Very difficult decision but as you see it opens up options, adds value plus extra pick (3rd. rd.).

19) Tampa Bay 9-7 Jeremy Maclin, WR Missouri 6-1 200

Could also go Percy Harvin but Maclin seems to be the higher rated speed slot wr they need in Tampa. Galloway had two broken bones in his foot and missed half the season. It's uncertain whether he will return for a fifth season with the Bucs. Michael Clayton is a free agent. Bryant could be franchised. seems like really good value here.

20 Detroit (from Dallas) 9-7 Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB 6-3 245

Need defensive playmakers with range & youth movement starts with Maybin could be dynamic & get tested early with plenty of space to grown.

21 Philadelphia 9-6-1 Brandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahoma State 6-6 260

McNabb would be extremely lucky to add Pettigrew to his protection & his arsenal if he slips to Philly I can't see them not taking the best TE in years.

22 Minnesota 10-6 D.J. Moore, CB Vanderbilt 5-10 184

Vikings should not reach for a QB here (weak class after Stafford/Sanchez) CB however is a need you almost have to draft early & D.J. is the highest rated left on the board.& pure cover corner who can isolate on that proverbial island.

23 New England 11-5 Larry English, OLB Northern Illinois 6-2 254

Dynamic, ascending pass rushing 3-4 OLB who teamed with Mayo solidifies that aging Patriot defense. lots of tempting players here just have to find the best fit for their system @ a position of need.

24 Atlanta 11-5 Clint Sintim, OLB Virginia 6-3 249

This is a smart organization still they need help defensively with several would be free agents to resign, by draft time this will be deceided for now my guess is they will need to get younger here & fill a void left by Boley and Brooking.

25 Miami 11-5 Max Unger Center 6-5 300

Parcells loves these big, ugly nasty tempered offensive lineman who have ability to play mutliple positions, nice addition to last years #1 Jake Long.

26 Baltimore 11-5 Percy Harvin, WR Florida 5-11 195

Flacco needs somebody to throw the deep ball to & Percy has the ability none of his WR have currently on that roster the abiltiy to get behind coverage, teams will have to respect the deep ball just a little more from the 2nd year QB with the big arm to launch the rock.

27 Indianapolis 12-4 Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina 6-1 210

Hakeem is the next generation Marvin Harrison & lock to become another great NFL WR w/Payton. would consider inside DT help but with Harrison in fact owed some 13.4 million & lesser talent @ that position available here they may try & rework that contract or flat out release/trade.

28) Philadelphia (from Carolina) 12-4 Chris Wells, RB Ohio State 6-1 237

hey at least I still have him going in the first round. would be better compliment to Westbrook, providing some inside running power/size, while Correll Buckhalter is a FA.

29) New York Giants 12-4 Kenny Britt, WR Rutgers 6-4 215

Plaxico Burress replacement. should turn some heads @ the combine with his quickness/height combination best in class, I just can't see Coughlin not taking a hard line with Plax, otherwise seek some help on defensive side.

30) Tennessee 13-3 Ron Brace, DT Boston College 6-3 329

This is on the assumption of course Haynesworth leaves via free agency because Bud Adams is a tight wad & also cannot afford to re-sign what Kerry Collins can make in free agency with so many teams needing QB help (Carolina, Detroit, Tampa, Miami etc. etc, etc,) anyway I realize this is a little bit high for Ron but he does have a solid 2nd rd grade & clearly the big body to fill such a big hole in the Titans interior DL.

31) Arizona 9-7 Eben Britton OT Arizona 6-6 310

Gandy struggled in the Superbowl & Wanrer loves to throw a disproportional amount of time so he needs better protection, this also gives them flexabilty to move Levi to the left side. I was thinking about taking a RB here like Shonn Greene but Grimm the OL coach feel athletic upgrade is needed sooner than later & know all about the local wildcat product.

32) Pittsburgh 12-4 Alphonso Smith, CB Wake Forrest 5-9 193

Tough,competitive instinctive seems to fil the Steeler mold & the last of the real good quality CB's in this draft. Better prospect value than linemen still on board who the Steelers will address in upcoming rounds/FA signings/re-signings.

Still working on Texans picks. in case anyone wondered, Texans aquire Chicago 3rd. pick by trading down three spots. go ahead & rip away
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