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look you can talk about stats all you want...we want carr to have more td's than int's...well no can talk about every other stat a QB has but that's not what makes a great qb different from the ok qb's...a great qb is a guy who doesn't care if he throws an int or two...he doesn't care about the stats...he only cares about winning...and great qb's win...not because they are the most talented...the most gifted...or because they have the best players around's because deep down inside them there is that small backyard dog who didn't back down from a fight...deep down inside of the greats there is a fighter who wins...a great qb doesn't care about the play before or the play after...only the play now...i see that quality in carr...i think he's done a lot of growing these last two years...and i think this year might just be a break-out year for him...although i have a feeling it won't be til next...bottom-line...stats don't really tell you everything about a have to see how he handles himself when the team is down...can he come back to win it or not...that's what made elway great...that's what'll make carr great
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