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Originally Posted by bah007 View Post
Jerrod Johnson will return as the starter. He started 9 games last season.

He's a good player. He will be a redshirt junior so the Aggies still have him for two more years.

I know a lot of Aggies had a hard-on for McGee. He was tough as nails, I'll give him that. But Johnson is a far more impressive athlete and has a better arm. If he improves his accuracy, he will be better this year than McGee ever was.
Yeah, McGee was fun to watch, but I really believe Fran destroyed him. The guy showed in the Texas game in 07 that he can still fling the ball down the field. This year he was battling a shoulder injury and just never seemed to get in the rhythm. The way I see it, I give him about a 40% chance of making an NFL team. He's got a lot of the tools and as you said is tough as nails, but can he be coached up? I agree about Jerrod.

Originally Posted by bah007 View Post
I played high school ball with Matt Allen. He was about 6-3 280 when he graduated high school and I saw him a year ago and he is loads bigger.

I would say he is about 6-4 300. Solid muscle. Very little fat on him.

I expect him to easily be A&M's best lineman next year.
Good stuff man. From everything I have heard and read about Matt Allen, he is the real deal. The line definitely needs the help, and I hope he can be a big key to a better performance from the OL.

Originally Posted by WolverineFan View Post
Johnson is for real. He is light years ahead of McGee in turns of talent and I believe he will be better than Reggie McNeal was years ago. The offense is fine as long as the offensive line can actually start blocking this year. It's the defense that is the problem. Hopefully they can get together and stop somebody next year or it's going to be another long one.
I agree about the offense. Those receivers are going to be tough to handle and by the time he is done, Jeff Fuller will likely hold every single A&M receiving record. A lesser known guy I am hearing about as a possible contributor for us is Ryan Swope. He played HB in high school but will likely be moved to receiver. From what I have heard, he will probably be kind of an H-Back coming out of the backfield at times as well as playing in the slot. I cannot wait to see Christine Michael as well.

I have mixed emotions about the defense. I really liked what I saw from Eddie Brown, DT, and think we may benefit from Kellen Heard's lazy ass taking a hike. The guy has tons of talent but brings zero effort. DE will definitely be a problem but maybe, just maybe, Matt Moss, 4 start juco, will step up and hold down the weakside. I'm fine with Featherston/Lewis at MLB and if Jonathan Stewart shows some promise, LB may not be a problem. Finally, as strange as this is, I believe DB is the biggest strength on defense for the Aggies. Trent Hunter was a diamond in the rough, Jordan Pugh is a hard-hitting corner and pretty good in coverage, and I love the incoming class of DBs. Regardless, it's all speculation and all we can do is just wait-and-see.
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