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Default Re: Bud Adams Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Shaft75 View Post
TB don't waste your time with a poster named "gunny" with only four posts and shit for brains. He is what we expect the trolls from TN to be, "anonymous". Especially after such a HUUUUUUGE fail from his team.
How can I be "anonymous" when you 'think' you know where I am?

Plus if you ever visited a Titans forum you'd know who I am.

But what I think is brilliant is that you base intellect level on the number of posts one person has. A marvellous example of thinking there, I'll 'troll' some more and maybe you'll start believing everything I say...I mean I'll have more posts by then.

As for huge fail, your 'franchise' is one huge fail. You can't even build a stadium to withstand a bit of wind, let alone win anything of significance...or win enough to get above .500

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