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Default Re: Texans Pre-Senior Bowl Mock Draft

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
Trade down from #15. Farther the move more in return. I would like to see the Texans have two second rd. picks, two thirds would be nice too, think last year if not for Slaton the Texans would have a much higher draft pick, Rick & Gary jobs would be on the line. now at least they have a chance to stay the course, fine tune staff & push into contention for the playoffs. It would be nice to get one of the elite prospects everyone knows/wants (BJ Raji, Evertte Brown, Aaron Curry, Rey Maualuga, Brian Orakpo) & if one of those happens to be there, I'm fine with standing pat address a pressing need & take bpa, but I'm just prepared for another scenero like last year.

Have no sound factual basis for selecting any specific teams intention to consumate a trade, could be almost anyone, always try to make it a win-win situation so I"ll make the Vikings a trade partner possiblity, some fallout from last years move to get Sage Rosencopter for a 3rd. Certainly his trade value has decressed but maybe a 4th/5th slot is still a possiblity? combine this with a move from 22 to 15 or 7 spots higher in the draft = 270 points + late fourth to fifth the other points needed to get exhange him for the 2nd rd. pick. this would require of course one of the elite OT's fall to #15 like Oher/Smith, maybe even a franchise QB too like Stafford or Sanchez. In other words for a team to want to trade up there has to be a specific player they have rated #1 on their board still available @ #15.

#15 Minnesota Vikings (via Texans) select- Michael Oher, OT Mississippi 6052 320

#22 Houston Texans (via Vikings) select- Louis Delmas, FS Western Michigan 5-11 197
Ascending up draft boards, can fill the centerfielder prototype of safety NFL teams covet. agressive up the field, elite speed for position, throws his body around similar to a Bob Sanders or Madieu Williams type. The younger Gibbs gets his player just like his dad last year, know you guys are gonna kill me for this selection, Louis who? but I'm following a simple principle really, best defensive player available who fills a desperate need.

2nd rd. (#46) Houston Texans select- Paul Kruger, DE Utah 6-5 265

Impressive high motor 4-3 end with great character/work ethic. think Bulman with more talent, think he fits right in with this team & how they want to attack the line of scrimmage. Still flying under the radar would be availabe here now if the draft where held we'll have to wait & see how much he rises after the combine & personal workouts. addressing #1 need.

2nd rd. (#54) Houston Texans select- Kraig Urbik, OG Wisconsin 6-6 323

Gibbs type of linemen competitive, smart (son of coach) over achiever with excellent skill set to play in ZBS. comes from Big 10 program that produce excellent OL prospects, versatile player who could handle strong-side guard or tackle duties, thats value added & reason why he won't last to the 3rd rd.

3rd rd. (#77) Houston Texans select- Rashad Jennings, RB Liberty 6-1 234
Power back to Slaton led backfield. not sure at all now after watching him in Senior Bowl practice if he is even available here this late in the 3rd, but I would be extremely depressed if he was & the Texans passed on his package of skills he would add thunder to lightning.

4th rd. Houston Texans select- Cody Brown, OLB Connecticut 6-2 242

Hoping he slips through the cracks & falls into the Texans laps, can also be used as situational pass rusher (played DE). would give Bush someone to groom @ OLB position, but would make immediate impact on special teams & as earlier stated situational passing downs. also like Mitch King here, Iowa.

5th rd. Houston Texans select- Brandon Tate, KR/WR North Carolina 6-1 195

Only reason still available is because he tore his acl this past season, let me tell you he is electric DeSean Jackson electric. good route runner with reliable hands, listening Jacoby? when in the game with Hakeem Nicks (insert Andre Johnson) they formed a dynamic duo, once out teams double/tripple teamed Nicks & Carolina fell out of ACC contention.

6th rd. Houston Texans select- Kaluka Maiava, OLB USC 6-0 232

Love his energy level. would compliment Adibi. very aggressive as USC Polynesians go (see Troy Polamaula or Rey Mauluga). Rose Bowl defensive MVP. another stretch to think he's still available here but I'm going best case scenero in this Mock draft (also gives you guys out there some names to watch in the coming weeks).

7th rd. Houston Texans select- Kory Sperry, TE Colorado State 6-5 252

Didn't think the Texans would pass up the chance to select another CSU Buffalo did you? coming nicely off torn acl in 07 of course flying under everybodys radar, except Kubiak. would help red zone effecincey, Brunner is set to retire so there should be roster space for 3rd TE.

thank you for your time if you read this far just buying time until tonights Senior Bowl & no NFL Football this Sunday for the first time since August
props, dude. i don't agree with everything, but that is just hair-splitting. and the rationale is well-articulated and possible.
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