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Default Super Mario Round 1 Mock 1/28

1. Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford, Quarterback, Georgia

Its either a QB or a tackle #1, and the Lions take their QB of the future who rides the pine learning, while letting Orlovsky and Stanton take the beating in 2009 until the line is complete.

2. St. Louis Rams
Eugene Monroe, Offensive Tackle, Virgina

Pace is on his last leg, and Monroe is the closest thing to replacing Pace in this draft class.

3. Kansas City Chiefs
Aaron Curry, Linebacker, Wake Forest

Scott Pioli will want to take the BPA on defense to beef it up and create more turnovers. He gets one of the best defensive players in this draft and give Tyler Thigpen another shot at QB. Don't be surprised to see them take a QB on later though.

4. Seattle Seahawks
Michael Crabtree, Wide Receiver, Texas Tech

A match made in heaven. The Seahawks have needed a true #1 WR for years, and they have the #1 WR this year fall in their lap.

5. Cleveland Browns
Malcolm Jenkins, Cornerback, Ohio St.

Head coach Eric Mangini took a CB in round 1 2 years ago and knows the value of having good CB play. Eric Wright needs some help in the secondary and will give the browns a great cornerback tandem.

6. Cincinnati Bengals
Andre Smith, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

The run on tackles begins. The Bengals line has been awful all year and Levi Jones can play left tackle for a year until Andre Smith finds out if he is LT material.

7. Oakland Raiders
Michael Oher, Offensive Tackle, Ole Miss

A perfect selection to help out their previous 2 first round picks. Oher needs some work, but is better than Harris on day 1.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars
Jason Smith, Offensive Tackle, Baylor

The biggest needs are o lineman and a MLB to replace Peterson when they get rid of him. Jason Smith is the best tackle left and will be great for both Garrard and MJD.

9. Green Bay Packers
Everette Brown, Linebacker, Florida St.

Dom Capers is going to want some players to implement the 3-4 defense and rush OLB is the hardest player to get. Everette will go to OLB and learn to rush the passer standing up. A mighty task that Capers has seen fail before.

10. San Francisco 49'ers
B.J. Raji, Defensive Tackle, Boston College

49ers 3-4 defense needs a shot in the arm and some strength at the front lines. They don't have a true NT for their 3-4 and they hope to get one here.

11. Buffalo Bills
Brian Orakpo, Defensive End, Texas

The Bills have been against drafting a DE since Schobel has been taking up alot of cap but with a new D line coach I think they will take a chance on the biggest riser at the combine.

12. Denver Broncos
Rey Maualuga, Linebacker, U.S.C.

The Broncos need to add toughness to a defense that was ranked very low in a lot of categories.

13. Washington Redskins
Michael Johnson, Defensive End, Georgia Tech

The Redskins need a young DE in the worst way, and some will say this is a reach, or after the combine they will say its a steal. Either way they get their DE of the future.

14. New Orleans Saints
James Laurinaitis, Linebacker, Ohio St.

I don't think the Saints will keep MLB Jonathan Vilma due to it costing a first rounder, and his knee issues. Would rather have Rey but get the next best linebacker.

15. Houston Texans
Vontae Davis, Cornerback, Illinois

The Texan's might possibly lose Dunta Robinson and will need more help at corner. They also need help at DE and safety but are forced to get the BPA with Davis who is possibly better than Jenkins.

16. San Diego Chargers
Jeremy Maclin, Wide Receiver, Missouri

The Chargers take the best WR left in Maclin who is a dual threat to run or catch the ball. The Chargers could go in a lot of directions but opt for more offense in case LT is out.

17. New York Jets
Mark Sanchez, Quarterback, U.S.C.

Bret Favre wont be around much longer and if Sanchez is available I see him being drafted here.

18. Chicago Bears
Alex Mack, Center, California

The Bears love to be able to run the ball and Mack is a perfect candidate to play Guard and then transition to Center when Kreutz is down or out.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Eben Britton, Offensive Tackle, Arizona

They need help in the worst way at Tackle. Maybe a little high for Britton but its never stopped teams from taking a player before. He will start right away. Could also go linebacker.

20. Detroit Lions (f/DAL)
Brandon Pettigrew, Tight End, Oklahoma St.

Pettigrew will give the motor city kitty's a #1 option to dump off to to avoid pressure. He is great for the run too basically giving them an extra tackle or pass catching TE.

21. Philadelphia Eagles (f/CAR)
Percy Harvin, Wide Receiver, Florida

Might be a bit much after the production they got out of Dexter Jackson last year, or it could be the start of something special as they play off each other to get open.

22. Minnesota Vikings
Brian Cushing, Linebacker, U.S.C.

A good all around linebacker is needed here. Someone who can play the run and be fast enough to follow the back out of the backfield.

23. New England Patriots
Aaron Maybin,Linebacker, Penn St.

A nice fit for their 3-4 scheme and Maybin once stronger and bigger should be a sack specialist for a long time. They also have Clint Sintim to think about.

24. Atlanta Falcons
Tyson Jackson, Defensive End, L.S.U.

A big body D line prospect who can play DE or DT for a 4-3 team. This should work out well for the Falcons who need help up front.

25. Miami Dolphins
Clint Sintim, Linebacker, Virgina

Another perfect fit for a 3-4 team to get their OLB pass rusher. Porter had a great year, but that's no reason to bring in young talent who can possibly learn from Porter.

26. Baltimore Ravens
Chris Wells, Running Back, Ohio St.

I was pretty unimpressed with the RB's that Baltimore trots on to the field each weak. And Wells has the size and speed that Baltimore generally likes to use to hammer their opponent.

27. Indianapolis Colts
Peria Jerry, Defensive Tackle, Ole Miss

Indy gets great value here which is not good for the other AFC south teams with Peria Jerry to plug in the middle of their D line. Jerry will need to get stronger though to realize his potential. They can also look at a corner here.

28. Philadelphia Eagles
William Moore, Safety, Missouri

With their second round pick they take a chance on William Moore who they hope with some coaching by Brian Dawkins can get back to the way he was during his Junior year at Mizzou. the Eagles love his size and potential.

29. New York Giants
Chase Coffman, Tight End, Missouri

Kevin Boss has been great for the Giants, and they know the value of multipurpose players are. Coffman at 6'6" 245 lbs caught 90 balls for 987 yards and 10 TD's.

30. Tennessee Titans
Darrius Heyward-Bey, Wide Receiver, Maryland

The Titans need a #1 WR bad and take a 6'3" 203 lbs stud to be that #1. As long as the Titans can mold him correctly he should be a great player.

*31. Arizona Cardinals
Knowshon Moreno, Running Back, Georgia

I don't think the Cards need more offense but at #31 how do you pass on Moreno? James should be out the door and Arrington and Hightower will just have to hope he gets hurt.

*32. Pittsburgh Steelers
Duke Robinson, Guard, Oklahoma

The Steelers o-line has gotten beat up over the year they have had. An interior lineman is a need and Robinson is a great value at the end of the first. Should take a guard spot on day one and probably will never give it up until he hangs them up.

Well this was fun for me. Have fun ripping it apart.
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