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Originally Posted by nunusguy
... I think we're still in the stage of development where we need quantity at least as much as quality ...
While I agree with much of your post, I don't believe we needed quantity over quality at this year's draft.

As an expansion team, we generally added more young players to our roster than other teams the past two years. Some of these players required a year, or two, of development (physical training and technique), before we really knew if we had something. Unfortunately, current NFL rosters are much smaller than college rosters (or historical NFL rosters, I believe). To add more draft picks, we would have had to release players already on our roster (unless we were in salary cap hell like the Titans).

In the case of the Texans, we have players like Weary, Wells, Baxter, Ramon Walker, Faggins, Brown, Joppru, Peek, Ragone, Hollings, Earl, Lord, Thomas, etc. who haven't generally been starters and who are at various stages of development. Some may be released after this summer's camp, but I don't believe that the Texans felt they could draft players in the 3rd, 4th and 5th, round who would push the above players for roster spots this year, given that the above have the advantage of a year or two of development. Would a rookie guard, like Jacob Bell, be better as a rookie than Weary and Brown? Perhaps, but I don't believe the Texans think so.

It's difficult to build a 53 man roster and meet all your needs. You need some experience on the roster to help players develop. You can't have all developmental players.
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