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Default Re: 3 Round Mock Draft...but wait, there's more!

Originally Posted by badboy View Post
Very impressive and like that you took it three rounds and Texans thru 7. I am leery on Maybin but does not mean Smithiak would be as you so state. I am hoping Raji falls as I see stopping the run more important than a DE in 1st round. I have Robert Ayers DE 6'3" 270 4.73 in 4th. If Raji avail @#15 would you still select Maybin? Also, what do you think about a trade down with Atlanta? On your mock, no one seems interested in a DE before #24 and Falcons could use William Moore. We could get Maybin @ 24 and get at least a 3rd? Greer appears to have skills and speed as a FA CB but will prob want a hefty contract. We do have the $ but is he the guy? IMO if Molden is not ready to play a significant role, he should be cut but prob will not be as he cost a 3rd. Good @ STeams but not why signed.

Great pick at 2nd round in Green. Yeah we might hit gold twice in 4th round but why take chance? Green could be a every down main guy but has temperment to be #2 & would make Slaton even more better ( I just like saying that). We do not want to get caught up in Slaton's stats as we did with former 4th rounder DDW. I want Super SLick around for at least 5 more years and Green can help him get there. Green reminds me of last year's Matt Forte and he did okay as #2 back.

Delmas in 3rd takes care of another weakness, great size and enough speed. Not Mayes but who was? If first three rounds go as you want, I b OK. May have to wait on Maybin but could be worth the wait.

My picks:

1. Raji. I think Washington could just as easily trade down and get OT William Beatty or Phil Loadholt. This could get them at least another 3rd and 6th based upon our D. Brown trade. Chris Samuel is 31 and youngest olineman, I believe. Skins QB must be better protected. Also, the defense gave up less than 90 yards on ground.

2. Green enough said.
3. I like Delmas but had Rashad Johnson FS 6' 190 4.49
4. Robert Ayers DE all SEC 1st team; 3 sacks 15 tfl
5. Ian Johnson Rb I'll watch closely in Shrine game. Huge year 2 seasons ago & good this year. Many think he will not be drafted. Big mistake imo.
Honestly, I painted myself into a corner with the Texans pick and had absolutely no idea who I was going to select at 15. I thought I was being bold by predicting us gambling on a guy who has a chance to be great, but then I find that Lance Zierlein posted this same prediction a couple of hours before me. Regardless, I feel Maybin's potential is high enough that he is worthy of this pick, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him go before we pick to one of the 3-4 teams that needs a boost with their pass rush. I could see him going as high as Cleveland.

To answer your questions, I agree with you that stopping the run is more important than going DE, and if Raji were available at 15, he'd be the pick in my mind over just about anyone. While Raji has great size to be a NT, his skill set is such that he can command double teams and still penetrate and collapse the pocket. I really think he's the best of both worlds and would do well "shooting the gaps" in Bush's defense. Raji would instantly make Okoye and Mario better. He would be a phenomenal pick.

Ayers would be a great pickup in the 4th if we're unable to address DE before then. It's always nice to see accolades such as All-SEC when you choose a player, however we've shown a tendency to take small school guys like Molden and Jacoby, and I was trying to work that in. Truthfully, I'm not sure if Domonique Johnson fits our personality type. He started out at Mizzou but ended up transferring because he couldn't take the coach questioning his determination. Just seems odd to me.

I feel as if our FO would try to get out of that pick if the chips fell that way. Atlanta is an interesting possibility. It's also possible that Minnesota would try to trade up so they could get Sanchez. If we were to trade down to 24, I'd have to think that Alphonso Smith becomes the pick from a sheer BPA perspective, assuming we don't make a huge splash at CB in the FA market. If we were to sign someone similar to Greer, who I'm hoping is still under the radar enough that he wouldn't command a huge pay day, I'd think that Brian Cushing would be our pick at 24. Maybin would go to either the Chargers, Jets, or Patriots in this scenario.

You're spot on regarding the Redskins. RT is their biggest need, but there wasn't anyone available who I felt was a fit. Also, never underestimate the price that Dan Snyder is willing to pay for prime free agents. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them land Jordan Gross and then trade this pick for another player. That being said, I actually like your picks better than mine. I like Ian Johnson more than most, but I'm not sure about drafting two RBs. Then again, the Broncos went that 7 or 8 RBs this year, so you can never have enough. Thanks for the input!
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