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Default Re: Awtysst's Stupidly Early January Draft Thoughts

Originally Posted by awtysst View Post
With the final snap of the final game of the season, we now know that our beloved Texans will be picking in the 15th slot in the draft. In my last two mocks, I had a scenario where we traded down. In an ideal world, I still think that this is the way to go, but as the old saying goes, it takes two to dance. Therefore, this mock will be one in which we stay put.

Also, please remember that the deadline for underclassman to declare has not yet come. Therefore, so people that are expected to declare will not and those that are not expected also will. In this mock I picked a player and then provided 2-3 alternate choices. So comment on my pick as well as alternates.

Please read through the choices and explanations and then rip it apart!

So here it is, without any further ado my January Mock Draft. I will not make another one until February.

1. B.J. Raji, Boston College-DT
I have been on this guy’s bandwagon for a while, but he is exactly what we need. One of the problems we had this season was stuffing the run. Those runners that went to the corners we were somewhat able to handle, but the ones that killed us, were those guys that ran forward. Some people might say that this pick means that Okoye is failure, but I disagree. Okoye has been playing out of position and has been asked to do things he is not suited. Raji can take up defenders and push the pile forward. I am convinced that with Mario on his side, Okoye will develop into a solid DT if he is placed in the right place. Johnson needs to backup Okoye and let this behemoth start.

Other possible selections: Taylor Mays, USC-FS, Alex Mack Cal-C, George Selvie USF-DE

2. Max Unger, Oregon-C
I have begun seeing several other mock drafts in which Alex Mack has been dropping into the middle of the second round. Personally, I can’t see how that could happen. He is easily the best C prospect in years and versatile to play a powerback system, west coast, ZBS, etc. I cannot see him falling into the mid second. If he did, he is the obvious choice, but again, since I don’t think he will fall that far, I am not considering him. I still think that Center is a problem position. How many times have we seen Steve Slaton approached 2 yards deep in backfield by defenders and then manage to squirm ahead for a 2 yard gain? The problem is that Myers is unable to hold the point of attack. By putting Unger in, we will consistently have a Olineman that pushes the line forward. This will be especially critical in the red zone.

Other possible selections: Tim Tebow,Florida(use him as the powerback compliment to Slaton, use him in the WildBull, use him as a secondary TE, ie get creative with him), Patrick Chung, Oregon-SS, Greg Hardy, Ole Miss -DE

3. Rashad Jennings, Liberty-RB
Slaton is a great player but he is not the pound it up the middle for a single yard kind of back. Part of that problem is center and this is addressed by Unger. Another part of it is we need a big strong back that can push the chains. Enter Rashad Jennings. Jennings transferred from Pitt to Liberty because of family issues and has single-handedly carried Liberty. He is 6’1 232 and has 4.5 speed. We suddenly have our own version of Thunder and Lightening. Team Jennings with Unger and those 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2 just got very interesting for Texans fans.

Other possible selections: Shonn Greene,Iowa- RB, Auston English, Oklahoma- DE

4. Sean Smith,Utah- S
A versatile DB that can play either safety or CB position. He is the kind og guy that can inject passion and intensity into the DBs. He has been a terror to opponent D’s. Watch for him in the Sugar Bowl.

Other possible selections: Antoine Caldwell, Alabama-C, Brandon Swain, West Texas A&M-DE,

5. Ray Feinga, BYU-OG
We continue with the trenches and consider RG. Feinga has good feet and is quick for a big guard (6’5 329). I have not been impressed with Briesel and think he is more of a solid depth player than a starter. Feinga could walk in and start at RG for us. Putting him next to Winston will be terrific. Feinga is the kind of guy that is not pushed around. He along with Caldwell will be placed together and will push the line of scrimmage forward, not backward. Now, all those plays in which the pocket has collapsed around our QB or Slaton getting tackled in the backfield will be a thing of the past with these two new additions to the line.

Other possible selections: Quan Cosby, Texas-WR, Derek Pegues, Miss State-FS,

6. Manuel Johnson, Oklahoma-WR
The overlooked OU receiver would be a tremendous value pick right here and an absolute steal. I have seen him pretty far down on a lot of draft charts, so this is not a pie in the sky dream. Team him up with Andre, Owen, Slaton, and Jennings/Green and we suddenly have a very scary looking offense. Can you imagine a play in which we have Andre and Manuel on the sidelines, OD in the middle of the field, Slaton coming out of the backfield, and Walter/Davis/Jones sneaking into the middle of the field. Yeah, scary. Oh, and Johnson and Johnson might be interested in some National TV ad spots?!

Other possible selections: Michael Bennett-Texas A&M-DE, Captain Munnerlyn, South Carolina-CB,

7. Marlon Lucky-Nebraska-RB
I have no idea who will be here at this point, so I took a “Lucky” Guess! Ok, all joking aside, he could be a decent pick in the 7th round. He can run and catch the ball out of the backfield. He is also a standup guy. What more do you want out of a 7th rounder?

Other possible selections: Brice McCain, Utah-CB(special teams guys) A.Q. Shipley, Penn State-C(possible depth)
I have a feeling that Rashad Jennings will be gone before we get to him. I like your choice in Shipley. I see the Texans drafting a QB in there somewhere as well as taking a Safety in the 2-3 round
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