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Default Re: Titans are a classless team

Originally Posted by Wolf View Post
I think you missed the point that was made by my post.

The Titans were no more to me when 2002 came and Houston was awarded a franchise. Only reason I followed the Titans before that was because of players that played in Houston, moved on to Tennessee. I still wished well for Bruce Mathews,Eddie George and others. As far as my point went, many fans of the Texans were fans of the Oilers and we endured "choke" jobs that Bud's teams did over the years.

Mentality of some Titan fans is that they want all the glory and none of the History of Bud's team. Titan fans act like the Tennessee Titans were an expansion team with no history. Sorry but you have to take the good with the bad

At least the titan website does

That was the point I was making. It wasn't about whether or not the Texans have had a winning season or not, it was about a lot of us have seen the choke job first hand with the team your owner owns. Seems Bud recognizes the history of his franchise, too bad some of the fans don't.. There were some awesome times with the franchise and there were some horrible times with the franchise in important situations

Y'all are lucky enough that Bud was smart to keep Jeff Fisher, he is a hell of a coach.
So by calling us chokers your just making fun of a team you used to root for? That makes no sense. But even so it's not like that's what the Oilers were notorious for. The Browns and Bills are notorious for choking, the Oilers really weren't. At times they did but what team hasn't? Teams like the Vikings, Bengals and Eagles have all had teams better than those old Oiler teams were and people don't call them chokers. That wasn't the Oilers identity though.
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