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Default Re: Titans are a classless team

Sure we have and that is why we are doing it. Actually the Titans choked against the Bills the year they went to the Super Bowl by giving up all those last minute plays to the Bills allowing them to kick the game winning field goal. The game should have ended that way if it wasn't for the Immaculate Deception (illegal forward pass on the kick off) otherwise known as the "Music City Miracle". The refs really blew that one screwing the Bills. Of course it didn't result into a championship as they choked one yard short in the SB.

Of course it has been infertility ever since.
Keep telling yourself that Chris Berman, never mind that it's been analyzed to death and EVERYONE with at least half a brain agrees it was a lateral, but your probably right.

It is idiotic to think that maybe, just MAYBE some of us were OILER fans and lived through some tough times in the playoffs with them. And for Bud to do what he did to Houston, I would think we would have the right to wish failure on that team.
And yet you've lived through zero playoff moments with the Texans, ergo, stop calling us "chokers" (again it's stupid because we never choked anything) when the Texans have never even been in a position to choke anything because your team sucks.

Now enjoy watching us in the playoffs, I'll be pulling for you guys against the Bears, I mean your going for 8 wins, a thing like that only happens once in a blue moon for Houston.
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