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Default Re: Titans are a classless team

Originally Posted by Double Barrel View Post
I'm trying to figure out these Titans trolls (and not talking about our regular members).

Y'all have a 13-2 team with homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, yet you troll a Texans forum with unbridled arrogance.

You do realize that the players play the game and YOU WATCH, yeah?

Perhaps there is something inherently inferior about being from Tennessee that causes someone to try to fill the void within themselves by trolling other teams' boards.

Interestingly enough, the better Titans fans in this forum don't actually reside in Tennessee. Perhaps they avoided the tainted water supply that seems to infect individuals to possess such small brains? With that in mind, it should be no wonder why Slug Adams moved his team, and it has nothing to do with the support he got for decades from Houston fans.

So many things to respond to, but I'll start with this one. I will apologize for showing up here suddenly and starting right out with the smack talk. To fill you in on the rest of the story, I'm a long time member of the Titans board with many of your regular titans fan visitors who have encouraged me to sign up. I'm not trying to be a troll, and I plan to be around for a while. Unlike many of the others, though, I actually live in Nashville. I'm well aware that I don't play in the games, but let's be honest, all of us who are serious enough fans to be on these boards posting feel some sense of identity with the team. I don't think I'm any farther over that line than most of us. As for being on this board while my team is moving on to bigger and better things... well, as I kind of explained above, my fellow board members who are regulars here have been encouraging me for a while, and I tried to join early in the season when an email problem prevented me from confirming registration. But I'm here, I'm trying not to be too much of a troll, and I'm here to stay. I've put up with Overalls, Silver Oak, and several others over on our board, so I'd appreciate your patience with me.

That being said, back to the discussion...

To Texan Bill, my issue isn't with you bashing individual Oiler players, it's with you saying that you always were die hard Oiler fans, and then turning around and bashing Titans fans for the Oilers' lack of a superbowl. I'll take the smack for the history, but not from people claiming to be fans of that history. As I've said, I'm a Titans fan, I don't try to claim the Oilers' history, though I recognize that others do, as well as Texans fans wanting to claim it to a certain extent. Anyone who followed the team during those years has a right to claim the history, no matter where they live and no matter who they currently support.

Also, to TB and Mailman, I'm perfectly familiar with the concepts behind corporate wellfare. I understand that the fans on this board certainly aren't the ones that let the Oilers leave, but face it, a lot of people in your city didn't step up.

An NFL franchise is a precious things, and a lot of cities that don't have them want them. The notion that we "stole" the team without earning it is ridiculous. We ponied up for the premium boxes and club level seating, and as a club level ticket holder, I'm currently paying the price to keep an NFL team. The fact that Houstonians turned around and ponied up the money AFTER letting the Oilers walk is even sillier.

I understand your anger at Bud, that's fine. But don't take it out on Titans' fans. We're the ones who wanted a franchise badly enough to take it from you. If another city tries to woo the Titans, we're not losing them, we're willing to throw the money after them.

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