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Default Re: Titans are a classless team

Originally Posted by Mailman View Post
Well gosh, thanks. That is so generous of you!

Just who the fugg do you think you are telling us former Oiler diehards what we can and can't feel about our former team? As a fan, you are nothing. Houstonians sowed those seeds long before you even knew what it meant to have a professional sports franchise, and you can kiss right off.

No, Bud isn't the Titans and he certainly wasn't the Oilers. His franchise would not be where it is today were it not for HOUSTONIANS WHO SUPPORTED THAT TEAM. Again, you Tennesseans were nothing to Bud but suckers willing to throw dollars at him to steal the NFL team from the nation's fourth-largest city. You probably weren't even alive during those formative years of the franchise, and you think you can tell us what history we can have?
Ha, why don't you just go ahead and call me a "whippersnapper" and tell me how things were in your day? My point is simply that if you're going to claim Oiler's history as former "die hards," it's pretty contradictory to then bash the Oilers. Sure makes you great fans.

Fans hating on other fans is always an interesting phenomenon to me. Claims that others aren't real fans, especially when the person making the claim has little or no personal knowledge of the person that they're making the claim against. It really is a fantastic accomplishment that you're old, and that you've been following professional sports in your city for a long time. I'm very impressed. I grew up in a city without an NFL team. I was thrilled to get the team, and have been an avid follower ever since. As to Houstonians being the real "seed sowers" of the franchise, that's wonderful, but maybe if Houstonians had been a little better supporters they could have kept their own team. Bud found a city with people who wanted an NFL team enough to financially support it. You can call us suckers all you want, but it won't change the fact that because we paid for it, we have the Titans, while you're stuck with the Texans. And as someone else said, you can't compare the Texans to the Titans, the Titans are just better.
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