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Default Re: Titans are a classless team

Originally Posted by Titansfan3801 View Post

Stupid Titans fans as always, has nothing to do with losing.
You want to talk about pride show me a state that has more of it?
I wasnt talking about bulliten material, I guess most titans fans are just a little slow and cant figure things out. I was talking about the titans players stomping on the towel is going to motivate The Steelers/thier fans.
Nothing sad about a thread pointing out the truth of a classless organization.
Ha! You don't even understand the meaning of the term "bulletin board material"! Hahahaha! Stupid Texans!

It's a reference to providing the other team with something they can put up on their bulletin board (not an online board, but a push pin board for announcements) and look at all week before a rematch. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT! What, the Steelers weren't motivated by the shot at the #1 seed? They wouldn't be already playing at their best in the AFC Championship Game? We can beat them either way. We'll have KVB and Haynesworth back, and Ben won't get a freaking pass off all day. We don't fear the Steelers, they come into our house, they're going to get stomped on.
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