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Default Re: Titans are a classless team

Originally Posted by Dread-Head View Post
The Texans are my team...but I got MAD love for the Steelers. If you ladies make it past Palamalu I have one question to ask of you. Are you gonna blow the Superbowl by the same 12 inches or will ya narrow it down to 11 this time? Your Trojans are gonna get cocky and then become a beaten and bruised obstacle on the way to the Steelers being the first team to #6

DEAL WITH IT! Mother-trucker....Polychronopolous
This is one of the funniest posts I've ever read. How can you make fun of a team for losing a very close Superbowl game when your lousy ass team has never made the playoffs? I don't understand that. It's like a virgin making fun of a guy who hooked up with a decent looking girl.

- Oh yea well the girl you slept with wasn't THAT hot!
- OK virgin.
- So you gonna try and hook up with ANOTHER girl who isn't THAT hot?
- I dunno, maybe I will virgin.
- Well I may be a virgin but at least I didn't sleep with a girl who wasn't THAT hot.
- Yea, you've never slept with a girl period. If you could you would take my sloppy seconds in a heartbeat.
- No. I'll get a SUPER HOT girl next year.
- Where have I heard that before?
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