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Default Re: Titans are a classless team

Originally Posted by Dread-Head View Post
Pretty tough talk from a guy whose team lost their ONLY Superbowl by 12 inches.

You're right man. Your Trojans...excuse me Titans are invincible. It's not like Lindale White plays offense and has to charge INTO defensive units as part of his job or anything. No wait he does. Well it's not like it's likely they'll face the Steelers in an AFC Championship game and Pittsburgh has the best Defense in the NFL...oh wait they do. Well it's not like the Steelers take the whole "Terrible Towel" thing seriously or that defenses attempt to extract brutal revenge of muff-huggas for doing stupid shiznit...oh wait they do. What were we talking about again. Ah yes...your team will never face the Steelers again. In fact the entire organization will cease to exist and be replaced by small fuzzy bunny rabbits, one of which Bud Adams can use as a toupeť at some point to replace the one he's currently wearing which he obviously got at Howard Cossell's yard sale.
If your Trojans make it past the Steelers they'll limp out. The Steelers will show up and turn that game into a hit parade and when they lose I want you to remember Mr. White stomping on that towel.

Pittsburg has the best defense in the NFL? Well, after yesterday, they don't in terms of points per game, the Titans do. We also have a better giveaway/takeaway ratio. What are the two most important things for a defense? If you said points allowed and turnovers, you'd be right! It's not like we already beat the Steelers... oh wait, we just did. Well, it's not like we beat them significantly, or anything... well, we did more than double their score, and won the turnover battle 4-0. Hmmm... Well, the Steelers will be better next time, and the Titans won't... well, except the Titans will get their two best defensive players back...

Yeah, I'm not scared of the Steelers in the playoffs. They have to come back in our house, and we'll paste them again. We're 7-1 all time against the Steelers in our house. Meanwhile, you Texans' fans can enjoy the couch, as usual.
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