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Default Re: Titans are a classless team

Originally Posted by TEXANRED View Post
No. It was 1995. Marcus Robertson if I remember correctly. It was the next to last game between the Houston Oilers and Steelers at Three Rivers.

I remember going to the last home game between the two and there were so many cars with "Tomzack must die" written on the windows.

The Texan fans are night and day different from Oiler fans. Oiler fans knew how to get to our seats on time and be loud and have attitude during the entire game. Now its just about tailgating and staying classy and who is wearing what on what day.

It used to be simple. Columbia Blue was home and White was away. Now everything has to have a theme and different pant combos.

Back in my day you had to walk 20 miles in the snow up hill both ways to get to the Astrodome. And without shoes. (sigh)
1996 was a good game too. Oilers won the home game in 4th quarter. I was at the game but many listening on the radio did not hear the end because 740am had to break to a PRESEASON Rockets game before the Oilers game was over and I think the game was blacked-out on TV.

The 1996 game in Pittsburgh was a few weeks before the Houston one and there was a large fight with several players ejected and over 30 players fined with total fines almost $150K.
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