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Default Re: Titans are a classless team

Originally Posted by toronto View Post
The Titans are a joke? How would Texans fans/players feel if 15,000 Steeler fans stormed into Reliant and waved those stupid dish rags? Chanted "Here we go Steelers" incessantly all game?

Umm that did happen in 05 when the Steelers came and the Texans fans/players/organization showed class like they always do.

Your franchise on the other hand, not so much.

It seems every week the titans give me a reason to hate them more.

The titans will feel the wrath of The Steelers and thier fans, good luck next time the titans go to Heinz hope they make it out alive.
Sorry, we aren't as used to losing as you are. We have a little more pride in our own house.

The fans were pissed because of all of the cocky Steelers. The players were pissed because we were a two point dog in our own house! That's legit. Also, we weren't being cocky until the very end of the game, and at that point, we'd earned it. In a game of the top two conference seeds to determine home field advantage, with a domination like that, this team has earned some pride.

Worried about bulletin board material? They aren't worried about that. Can you imagine how many more sacks we'd get with all of our d-line starters in there? I'm much less worried about the Steelers in the playoffs than about several of the other teams.

If the Steelers are going to twirl their towels in the faces of the other NFL teams, especially on the road, then they need to accept it that the towels will be mocked/messed with when they lose. If they honestly think that their towels are some sort of revered symbol that can't be messed with, that's a little silly.

As for this thread, it's a sad sign of Texans fans wanting to get their sad performance from yesterday off their minds. Yet another season without a winning record. I admired the fight that you put up against us last week, but don't start feeling good about yourselves until you actually break .500.
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