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Default Re: Titans are a classless team

Originally Posted by Carr Bombed View Post
If I was a Titan fan the last team I would want to face in the playoffs would be the Steelers.......
Actually, besides maybe Denver because of an overall weak defense, the Steelers would be the lighter of the play-offs team match-ups for the Titans to face.

The Titans match up very well against the Steelers. The Steelers have a bad offensive line, especially the interior line. The strength of the Titans is the interior of their defensive line. So the Titans strength is amplified and the Steelers weakness is made worse. Then you throw in a mistake-prone quarterback in Roselisberger and it should be preferred match-up for the Titans.

The teams that worry me are the Jets (Favre is great at getting the ball away quickly), Ravens (very sound defense) and Colts (both teams know each other very well and are both are good teams, so any game is a coin-flip chance for both.)

Originally Posted by Carr Bombed View Post
it's just stupid to try to rub a team's nose in poo when you might face that same team in the playoffs.
If Titans and Steelers meet it is in the AFC Championship game. Does a team need motivation at that point? If so, it likely would not get there. Also, only rabid Steelers fans are making a big deal out of a towel. With the way most players switch teams etc. and therefore looking at being a player as professional career more than as a fan of a team, I would not doubt if many Steelers players are making fun about how crazy their fans are acting about this situation.

But lets say for a minute that the Steelers players are extra motivated. That could play out as a disadvantage. A problem you have in big games (long rivalries, college bowl games, NFL play-offs, Monday Night NFL games) is that younger, less experienced players get too hyped for the game then with so much adrenaline running, they spend themselves in the first few series then hit a wall the rest of the game. Veteran players and coaches are always trying to calm younger players down so this does not happen because if it happens to a lot of players on your team, then you are at a disadvantage after that “high” wears off in the first few series of the game.

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