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Just some random thoughts on the 53 man roster ...

In order to project the 53 man roster, you must consider the 45/6 active roster. Players 47 - 53 are protected from being claimed, but don't need to dress early. As they gain experience (and as injuries occur) they can move from not dressing, to dressing and backing up, to starting (see Davis, Wand, as examples); I think it's important to build your 45/6 roster first and then add your 47-53 players because of the role of specialists on special teams. For example, the 46 will include a third quarterback, a field goal kicker, a punter, a long snapper and likely a returner and 2 gunner specialists (Moses wasn't really effective as a back up WR and Vaughan and Bell weren't really effective as CBs). Accordingly, you only have 39 players to cover offense and defense and you can't go a full two deep on game day.

The Texans may not do what is conventional with the O-Line because of the ability of their starting guards to play tackle. Conventionally, you will activate 5 O-lineman and a spare guard and spare tackle. We may activate two spare guard/ center types on our projected 45/6. Also, although you only typically activate 7 O-lineman, you still need to practice with 10, so you go two deep. The long snapper may be able to be a practice O-lineman and they may count on having an O-lineman, or two on the practice squad. In summary, they may keep the starters, plus the best 2 of Weary, Brown and Washington, plus a top young prospect, perhaps Lekker... who will be projected to be on 53 (no risk of losing) but not projected to be on active 45/6 initially.

The Texans may also be a little unconventional in their approach to DBs on their 45/6 because of the ability of Coleman to be an emergency CB to finish a game.

I think that whether the Texans carrying a fifth WR, a fourth TE, a fifth CB or safety (other than gunners) on their 53 man squad will be determined by the quality of the prospect regardless of position and is yet to be determined.
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