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I don't think this team is ready for all those exciting plays you guys fantasize about...not now. I say, if our team becomes "good"...making their plays first, then they can get fancy afterward. They need to get on the same page consitently and dominate thier playbook defectless, or as close to it till they attempt to make these brilliant plays we're dying to see. This also can't be done till Carr can control his offense Manning like, making audibles, calling hot routes, etc. Confidence in this early stage can hurt the Texans (offensively) rather than help them. Getting their plays down effectively will become second nature to them before they know it. Then they can take another step into becoming a team that can change the play depending on defense recognition and being able to hit the opposing defense's gaps and the entire offense being able to read the QB's commands and perform the play immaculately or more than not at the line....again, much like the Colts' offense.

Once he gets his professional QB skills together, then he can try to be a superior QB and make calls and plays that a top notch QB can do. Carr is in the crawling stage now, metaphorically... I consider Carr, Leftwich, and perhaps Carter in the crawling stage....these QB's can't go out there with the confidence and know they're going to make the play. I see Pennington, McNabb, and Brooks as rather good QB's but don't dominate their playbooks like Manning, McNair, and Brad Johnson (although skills aren't all there). Manning, McNair, and Brad Johnson are QB's that know how to read defenses, have the confidence to change the play and be effective.

I hope Carr is given the opportunity to build some confidence this season so that in two or three years he can be the conductor in the offense, much like McNair and Manning. That would be awesome...Carr and Co. just need to connect more frequently.

...just my two cents of course...

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