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Default Awtysst's Stupidly Early Draft Thoughts for December

I donít know where we will end up picking, but I figure we will finish around 7-9 to 9-7. So, that would have us picking around where we were last year. I decided that in my Texans Universe, we made a similar trade to the one we made last year, ie we got an extra 3rd and 6th rounder for moving down a few slots.

So here it is, my December Mock Draft. I will not make another one until January. Please read through the whole mock and then rip it apart!!!

1. B.J. Raji, Boston College-DT
Many people think our first round pick should be an immediate starter and someone that can improve his position. I disagree. I think our first round pick should be a starter and have the ability to improve MULTIPLE positions. Thus, I submit my first round pick of Raji. Some people might complain about taking another Dlineman or even another DT. This pick does not say that Okoye is a bust. Far from it. This pick will finally allow Okoye to play his true position. Raji is space eater that can clog the line and engage two offensive lineman. If you put this behemoth on the line, he will open up room for Okoye and Mario. I say take him, move Okoye over, and sit back and enjoy the run and pass defensive improvement. Some people may think Terrence Cody is a better DT than Raji. I think for our system, Raji is a better space eater plus I think he is gonna be available at this spot whereas Cody will be gone.

2. Everette Brown, Florida State-DE
He could be one of those first rounders that drops to the end of middle of the second round. Remember how everyone thought Limas Sweed was a first rounder for sure? He dropped all the way to the bottom of the second and Pitt jumped all over him. In my current projection he slips into the second round. With Raji occupying double teams and pushing the pile forward, Mario, Okoye and Brown will be able to converge on the pocket. Brown completes the Dline puzzle. Think about a line of Mario, Okoye, Raji, and Brown. The elder statesman Mario is only 23 right now. This could be a dominant line for a decade and a half!

3a. Antoine Caldwell, Alabama-C
A winning football team is constructed in the trenches. This might be a bit early, but sometimes you need to take a guy where you are, or you wonít get him. Myers has been a huge disappointment in our Oline. He constantly loses the point of attack and is continually knocked back. Caldwell is someone who can start from day 1 and hold that line. He will not get knocked around and he has the size and speed to actually follow the play down the field to provide an additional downfield block. It might be a round early, but if he works out (like I think he will), who cares where we draft him?

3b. Rashad Jennings, Liberty-RB/ Shone Green Iowa-RB
I have been going back and forth on this pick. I think our choice needs to be one of these two players. Slaton is a great player but he is not the pound it up the middle for a single yard kind of back. Part of that problem is center and thisis addressed by Caldwell. Another part of it is we need a big strong back that can push the chains. Enter Rashad Jennings and Shone Green. Jennings transferred from Pitt to Liberty because of family issues and has single-handedly carried Liberty. He is 6í1 232 and has 4.5 speed. Green has been a manchild absolutely running through Iowa opponents. He is a little bigger but somewhat slower than Jennings. I say we grab Jennings and pair him with Slaton. We suddenly have our own version of Thunder and Lightening. Even if we choose Green, we have out complimentary back.

4. Ray Feinga, BYU-OG
We continue with the trenches and consider RG. Feinga has good feet and is quick for a big guard (6í5 329). I have not been impressed with Briesel and think he is more of a solid depth player than a starter. Feinga could walk in and start at RG for us. Putting him next to Winston will be terrific. Feinga is the kind of guy that is not pushed around. He along with Caldwell will be placed together and will push the line of scrimmage forward, not backward. Now, all those plays in which the pocket has collapsed around our QB or Slaton getting tackled in the backfield will be a thing of the past with these two new additions to the line.

5. Rhett Bomar, Sam Houston State-QB
I am convinced that we need a QB like Rhett Bomar. He could provide solid depth and help us evaluate Schaub. If Schaub does not stay healthy, we get rid of him and turn the ball to Bomar, who has been sitting and learning all year. If Schaub does fine, we have a solid backup. As has been clearly seen, you need 2 good NFL QBs these days. Look how Cassell has kept NE in the hunt when Brady went down. At worst, Bomar becomes a solid backup. At best he is our new starting QB. For a 5th rounder, thatís a pretty good deal.

6a. Manuel Johnson, Oklahoma-WR
The overlooked OU receiver would be a tremendous value pick right here and an absolute steal. I have seen him pretty far down on a lot of draft charts, so this is not a pie in the sky dream. Team him up with Andre, Owen, Slaton, and Jennings/Green and we suddenly have a very scary looking offense. Can you imagine a play in which we have Andre and Manuel on the sidelines, OD in the middle of the field, Slaton coming out of the backfield, and Walter/Davis/Jones sneaking into the middle of the field. Yeah, scary. Oh, and Johnson and Johnson might be interested in some National TV ad spots?!

6b. Selvish Capers, West Virginia-OT
Ok, everyone, get past his last name. I know we didnít have success with a Capers in Htown, but I say, give this pick a chance. He has the right kind of size to be a prototypical OT in the ZBS. He could become our swingtackle and provide some solid depth at both positions. This might allow us to carry one less OT and another skill position player.

7. Brandon Swain, West Texas A&M-DE
In the 7th round there is one thing you look for: football players. Sure, his level of competition wasnít high. Sure he isnít the biggest dog in the fight. But he has a tremendous motor and he gives it his all on EVERY single play. I think we could find a place for him on this team.
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