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Default The People versus Kubiak and Smith - 2nd Degree Murder of Defense

Case 01-2008, The Fans of the Houston Texans v. Gary Kubiak and Richard Smith.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury,

Today we begin the trial of the People (TexansTalk members) versus Gary Kubiak and Richard Smith. Messrs. Kubiak and Smith have been indicted for a serious crime against professional football and its fans -- 2nd Degree Murder of Defense. They are charged with grossly negligent and incompetent defensive scheming, coaching and execution. If convicted, Kubiak and Smith face a shameful offseason firing, a reputation as an abject failure, and will endure the everlasting wrath of the People.

I, Toxicbutt (anyone with a baby will understand the moniker), am lead counsel for the People. I will present evidence and argument to support the conviction of both Messrs. Kubiak and Smith.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, in this unique internet trial, you are to consider the somewhat flimsy evidence presented, speculate based on internet rumor and innuendo, theorize and hypothesize. After you review the evidence below, you are instructed to begin deliberations.

ThreeToedPete is the designated foreman for this jury (for reasons identified below) and is charged with helping lead the deliberations. You are instructed to interject your own wild ass theories, circumstantial evidence, and arguments. You are instructed to post arguments and evidence to sway the other jurors. After deliberations and posting is complete, please fill out the jury verdict form that is this poll.
You are to decide - Kubiak and Smith. Who gets the axe?

(A comment made by ThreeToedPete made me think this subject warrants a separate thread. Forgive me/lock if this has been covered, but I haven't seen a thread specifically on this.)

Opening Statement:
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. Over span of 10 weeks, and in truth nearly 3 full seasons, the Defense of the Houston Texans is an unmitigated disaster. It is undisputable fact that this defense is among the worst of our generation. Bloggers like Texans Chick have regaled us with statistical proof gathered by freaks and geeks to show that our defense is probably the worst in the NFL in the last 3 years. This Defense has lost countless games, caused countless hours of angst and argument among fans, and frankly serves as a daily reminder as the exercise in futility that is our “professional” football team.

However, this abomination of a Defense has mutated in the last 2 weeks. Oddly, it is beginning to bear some resemblance to what other NFL teams do –blitz; QB pressure; players flying to the ball; CB's making plays; interceptions; and forced fumbles. This metamorphosis is somewhat attributable to the crappy competition. However, it is clear that the scheme is different.

The People’s approval of the improvement comes with the natural question – what the hell has been going on before? These questions have led to the indictment of Gary Kubiak and Richard Smith for 2nd Degree Murder of Defense, punishable by firing and eternal shame.

The case against Richard Smith
This atrocity is the baby of Richard Smith. We are not required to believe that Gary Kubiak bears no responsibility, but Mr. Smith is the “Defensive Coordinator” and was running things in week 1 - 10. Now, he's been told to change the scheme or responsibility has been given to Frank Bush or someone else. That's the mutation we have seen. Powerful comments from Texans players lend significant weight to this view.

Dunta Robinson, the heart and soul of the wretched defense and pound-for-pound the toughest Texan, offered this gem following a Texans loss to Baltimore -- “Kubiak man, he wants to win and he wants to win bad. Kubiak is doing his job. Maybe you guys look at some things around him, but you can’t look at him. There is not a player in the locker room that doesn’t wanna win for him."

In contrast, when specifically asked about Richard Smith, Mr. Robinson kicked Mr. Smith between the legs -- “It is what it is. As players, we’re going to go back and we’re going to go out and work hard and practice hard and get the job done.” It is what it is -- indeed.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, you may also recall Jerome Solomon's column saying that players were wondering why it took so long to change a failing scheme. Mr. Solomon wrote -- “A Texans defender told me he has walked out of dozens of defensive team meetings over the past couple of seasons shaking his head .… He says he left with the thought that, as committed as he was to making it happen, he doubted the team’s plan would work. Most of the time he has been right. (Another problem is many of his teammates went into games thinking the same thing).”

Mr. Solomon, who might not know a damn thing, seems to think that Smith has been in charge of the defense - “One wonders if defensive coordinator Richard Smith decided not to take many chances or was told not to do so. Kubiak has been pretty hands-off with the defense, especially on game days, so the poor in-game strategy grade falls mostly on Smith. Smith figured the best chance to win games with his scrubby defense was to sit back and let offenses push them around. Low risk, low reward. . . . . Finally, it seems Kubiak has stepped in and spiced up his defense a bit

The evidence against Mr. Smith is harsh, but you must look at the rotting corpse that is this defunct defense. You are to consider the above, and supply your own speculation and argument.

The case against Gary Kubiak
A honored member of the People and designated foreman of this Jury, ThreeToedPete, presented a summary of the case against Mr. Kubiak that is worthy of quotation and may echo in eternity. In prose that the great Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court would envy, TTP wrote:

“And...what we know for a fact is that Kubes runs this ship like a pirate. He's the captain. No one does interviews without going through Kubiak. What you guys don't know is what is being said behind the doors. What I know is what the Denver defense has done for forty years. Rush four-cover seven. If things have mysteriously changed the last three weeks....up to you to figure out who is saying what to who. They aren't good enough yet with your tons of talent to just rush the four. That's what the HC wants. Said it in the summer. The DBs aren't athletic enough to cover for more than three seconds and just rush four. And......when they send five or six no one gets there. Been that way before Smith got here. So either your high end talent isn't getting it done. Or the HC is one stubborn SOB. Smith is merely employing the plan the HC wants. There is no way on this ship that Richard Smith enjoys complete autonomy with the defense. This has been Kubes' baby. Either way the gloves or off now. Tallent or not, they're giving you what you said you wanted....more pressure. They live and die with the blitz the rest of the season.”

May we now always envision Gary Kubiak with a patch over his eye. The historical approach of Denver cannot be denied and must be given great weight. TTP will lead arguments in favor of the conviction of Mr. Kubiak.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, you may begin deliberations.

Kubiak or Smith. You decide.
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