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Originally Posted by aj.
OK then, I want to see more TDs than Ints, a better rate of 3rd down conversions ...
In regard to interceptions, I think you should be aware of them, but there are a lot of factors that affect interceptions, like o-line, route running, play calling, tips, etc ... it's not always that the quarterback didn't see the defender.

In last year's Superbowl, only two quarterbacks played the game and only one of those two threw an interception. What happended to him. They gave him the MVP.

In a playoff game against the Rams, the most important game of the year for the Packers, Favre threw 6 interceptions. The result, we have to hear announcers constantly say "If I needed one quarterback to win one game, I'd take Brett Favre." Guess what. That playoff game was one game.

In regard to third down conversions, I can't quickly put my hands on the statistic, but what was Brady's third down conversion rate in the Superbowl against the Rams. Not good and yet another MVP.

I agree with you that it would be great if Carr threw more touchdowns and less interceptions and the offense had a better third down conversion rate. I think there are lots of reasons to believe that will happen this year.
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