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Originally Posted by DatTexBoy
I guess I am the only person who feels this way but I think the Texans could have gotten Jasin Babins in the FREAKIN second round ...
S Houston Hollings, Tony RB 5'10 216 Georgia Tech (supplemental choice)
I regard to Babins, I disagree with your analysis. If you watch the alleged 'draft gurus' like Mel Kieper, one thing he always says, which I disagree with, is that a team can trade down and get a 'similar' player later on in the draft. For example, if there are two ends you rate about the same, trade down and take your second choice if your first choice is gone as a result of the trade. The problem with this approach is that the players aren't WIDGETS. If you are investing millions, do you really want the guy you were 'less sure of.'

In many cases, I believe a team is drafting with a 'one of one' mentality and this is particularly true when a team is attempting to accumulate high character guys. A classic example of this was the selection of Antwaan Randle El by the Steelers in 2002. The 'draft experts' had him slotted as a late third or fourth round selection I believe, but the Steelers knew if they didn't take him in the second, he would be gone when they picked in the third. Too high a price? When you are bidding for something, which essentialy the draft is, you often pay more when acquiring 'one of one.' Lot's of quarterbacks try other positions (see the Texans' Lord), but Randle El was considered by most I believe to have been a unique talent and playmaker.

Another example of this 'one of one' in my opinion is Chester Pitts. He was rocketing up the draft boards because of his potential. He was one of one becasue of the combination of character, little 'tread loss on the tires' (started one season in college, didn't play high school) and strength. If you didn't get Chester, there wasn't another one to take later on.

I believe that the Texans felt that Babins was 'one of one' and that they had to pay what they had to pay. There wasn't another one if they missed getting him. Again, I don't just mean another tweener end (a WIDGET), but rather an ideally sized (perhaps a little short), consistent playmaker (all levels of competition), great speed for position, high character and appears to have the instincts to convert to OLB.

We had accumulated picks for a reason ... to use them when there was a unique opportunity.

In regards to Tony Hollings, don't fret about what the Texans could have taken with the 33rd choice. Tony Hollings wasn't really a 33rd choice. The Texans didn't use their own pick, which at the time of the supplimental draft would have been in the first bundle of the second round. They passed. They used the Raiders second round pick, which would have been in the last bundle of picks in the the second round. The Texans took Hollings preferring him to what they thought would be available with a pick around pick 64, not pick 33. Remember, Hollings signed a contract similar to players drafted near the end of the second round, not at the first of the second round. The fact that the Raiders folded and moved the pick up higher doesn't mean the Texans have to pay Hollings more.

... of course we will never know ... perhaps Babin would have lasted as DatTexBoy suggests.
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