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I personally think there will be more competion than some of you think. I think we may see some good competion at the WR spot. We will see competion at the TE spot. There will be a lot of competion at the O-Line positions. We have yet to discuss the defensive side of the ball. Remember, I'm saying we have a number of young people that we are going to have to decide what we will do with. Some may be called projects, but are we going to cut them loose or what? I think many of you are underestimating what kind of talent may be sitting in the wings. Plus, don't forget some of the people from the NFLE. Yes, most are not NFL talent, but will they push a 1st or 2nd stringer is an interesting question. The real point is we are getting good enough that we are having to ask these kinds of questions. It really bodes well for the future.
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