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Default Re: Should I start Slaton?

Originally Posted by gtexan02 View Post
Are you in a points per reception league? If so, I would highly suggest starting Slaton. I think Baltimores defense is suseptible to the check down, and with this being Sage's start, I think Kubiak is going to implement a safe gameplan using a lot of short passes to his RBs. I predict at least 4-6 catches for slaton this week
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That's what I said earlier. Chambers isn't a bad alternative. It;s just that he has sort of cooled off lately and Jackson is getting more balls thrown to him.

I really don't like Slaton this week. I have him on one of my teams, and I am starting M. Turner and Hightower over him.

I could see Slaton getting about 10 points though at least between rushing and receiving. And if he gets a TD, then I could see him putting up like 14 or something like that. I'd probably roll with Slaton though.
Great points. I am not in a point per reception league though. Just a point for every 10 yds rushing or receiving. So with that in mind, think I should still start Slaton? It is really between him, Chambers, and maybe Faulk?
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