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Default Re: Should I start Slaton?

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
The alternatives are that great. Maybe Chambers at KC. Other than that, Slaton might be just as good of a start as the others.
Originally Posted by MannyFresh View Post
Sit the rookie, you got 3 way better options....McFadden,,,eh, Chambers is ok but he'll be sharing receptions with Jackson and Gates, Faulk is a good option.
Thanks guys. I will rep you tomorrow as I can't rep anymore for the next 24 hours...

Texecutioner, I totally agree about the other guys but what about Chambers? Before he was injured, he was a touchdown machine and KC is horrible against the pass. BUT I will really be kicking myself if I watch Slaton run all over Baltimore. I doubt it will happen but he has the ability to do it.

MannyFresh, I will definitely consider Faulk. He just doesn't ever seem to get the ball in the red zone. You think with Morris out that he will? Thanks again!
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