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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Restricted free agents are merely players without contracts and with less than four years in the league. So a player that signs a 3 year deal when drafted or like McCree that gets waived and signs a deal that does not get them through year four will be a restricted free agent. Players like Carr, AJ etc. that sign 4+ year contracts are never restricted free agents when their contracts expire.
Thank you for the clarification. Just a couple of more comments you may be able to help me with.

When you say McCree signs a deal that does not get him through four years, I take it you mean that when the Jags waive him, they have no restricted rights in him, although he has less than four years service, but the Texans, who kept him until the end of his one year contract did have restricted rights. Correct? In addition, I take it that four years refers to 'accrued years' on a NFL team roster. DeMarcus Faggins for instance, who hasn't spent all his time after the draft on the Texans roster (ie he was on the practice squad) might be restricted for longer than say Ramon Walker, who I believe has always been on the roster. Am I correct?
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