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Default Re: Has Schaub been worth his pay?

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I hope you are right Cloak because Sage got the Texans to the best lead they have ever had over the Colts. The first 3 and 1/2 quarters were the best football the Texans played all year. I just don't think Sage deserves to be dumped on so hard. People forget that Sage is one of the main reasons the Texans made it to 8-8 last season.

I like Schaub and I hope he turns out to be worth those 2 2nd round picks. But up until now he hasn't. The rest is up to him. Hopefully seeing Sage light it up against the Colts and also how the Texan players seemed to be playing with more fire with him in there will cause Schaub to play at a new level. One that wins us games and inspires the players around him.
I don't think it's fair to say Sage got the Texans the best lead they've ever had against the Colts. He wasn't playing defense and he wasn't blocking nor running the ball. That was a team effort. Everyone played better than they had been.

I really didn't see anything Sage did that stood out to me as him giving us an edge. He didn't do anything that Schaub can't do or hasn't done. In fact I think if Schaub had played in that game we would have won. But that's neither here not there...

Sage played a really good game up until those last minutes though.
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