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Default Re: Tuesday I woke up and realized that I was looking at progress.

Originally Posted by Hervoyel View Post
Sage Rosenfels fumbled the ball, fumbled the ball, and then threw the interception that sealed the loss. This one was all on him and nobody can deny that. The next time some imbecile tells you that Sage should be starting resist the urge to punch the fool in the mouth. You’d be right of course but it’s not worth the jail time. Sage killed that win just as effectively as if he’d missed a chip shot FG on the last play of the game and I think that it’s entirely appropriate to lay every single ounce of blame for this loss on his shoulders. I also think that it’s doing an injustice to the rest of the team to go off on some rambling tirade about how they’re cursed or how the head coach should be fired. One man alone did this by playing sloppy, undisciplined football. Sage wasn’t trying to win the game. The game was won. Sage wasn’t trying to help the team. The team (with Sage being a part of it) had beaten the Colts handily all day long up until that point. Sage was trying to win the starting QB spot. Sage was trying to help himself.
Normally I ignore silly, self-aggrandizing posts like this, your weekly pronouncements, some things you think you think, but this is too darn much.

Yes, Sage blew the game. However, Sage also won the game before he blew it. To suggest, even hint, that you know his motive for doing the cartwheel thing is dumb beyond all reason. As dumb, in fact, as the cartwheel thing.

Would we have been in a position to when with Schaub playing? I got no idea and neither do you. Would Schaub not have fumbled on that or some other key play? No idea. Would the Texans have won? No way to know.

It is what it is. A couple of unfortunate plays and a loss. Twas ever thus.
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