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Default How can U say "Now or Never"?

While I truely understand where you are coming from when it comes to our OC, you got to remember who we share the division with. Both Indy and Tenn. went to the playoffs last year and it was not soley because of their offense. For what seems like the first time ever, Indy had a really good defense. Tony Dungee has finaly turned that team around, of course getting Dwight Freeny didn't hurt matters any, and they are playing both sides of the ball; the entire team doesn't have to hope for Payton and Marvin to just outscore everybody any more. And then there are the Titans, possibly the most hated team in our division, whose defense has shut David and the boys down on a regular basis. So it is not only Palmer's fault for not producing a working offense, but also Tenn. and Indy both have a really good defense.
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