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Talking Gameday Thread - Texans VS Colts

Feel free to post your concerns, comments, or whatever else on this thread regarding the Texans versus Colts game...

I am really pumped up about our first home game against a division rival, the Colts. The Colts are solid on offense but are lacking on defense. There starting DTs are undersized and there All-Pro safety Bob Sanders is out. The Texans need to take advantage of this but using Steve Slaton in the passing game as well as letting him run outside of the tackles.

I would also like to see Chris Taylor pound the ball up the middle on 3rd down situtations against the Colts weak DTs. Hopefully, Duane Brown and Eric Winston can keep Dwight Freeny and Raheem Brock out of Matt Schaub's way so he can pass to Kevin Walter, Owen Daniels, and or Andre Johnson.

If we win this, then we can easily beat the Dolphins, Lions, and Bengals and go from being an 0-3 team to a 4-3 team. If we do beat the Colts, then I think we have a good chance at ending the season at 8-8 or 9-7 if we're lucky!


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