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Default Danish invasion only weeks away :-D

Hello all

A couple of months back, I posted a search on the old site, for a place to spend my tailgating, when I joined the Texans for the game against Miami....I was asked to wait till it came a bit I did :-D

Here we go again....

Im a 26 yr old Danish Texan fan. Fan since I listended to the Texans select David Carr. Im coming to the states with 4 friends, one Texan convert(formerly Redskins....), 1 49'er and 2 Steelers fans, and Ive decided to prove to them, what tailgating is like when its Texa(n)s sized. I hope that you guys can help me make that happen....

Last time I talked to people a guy called Tedc said I could join his crew, but Im not sure, if that offers still standing....If anybody could help me make my friends and my trip to Houston more memorable please shout out, it will be greatly appreciated. I will, for the game be joining the 117 bull pen section, which I heard is pretty....ehrm....festive :-D

Anyways hope you guys can help me....please

Peter, the danish texan
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