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I expect there to be some growing pains with Wand manning the LT spot, particularly in the early season--there's just no replacement for game experience. With the upgrade at LG though I expect the left sides net performance to improve by the middle of the season. Casserly and Capers have clearly taken a trial by fire approach to this team, with Carr, AJ, Robinson, Babin, Gaffney, etc. expected to come in and learn on the job.

One advantage Wand will have this season is that our division isn't particularly stacked with premiere pass-rushing REs. Freeny leads this group, but as an undersized speed rusher I think Wand's superior footspeed makes him a better match then Pitts. Kearse is gone with a likely rookie replacement in Tennesee. Hugh Douglas in jacksonville is getting old, and Brackens has some injury concerns (I don't think j-ville has decided which is playing RE yet.)

I'm looking forward to seeing how Wand handles TB's Simeon Rice in the last pre-season game. It should be a good barometer on what we can expect out of Wand this year.
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