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Default Hindsight: What should the Texans have done?

Now that the draft is over and I didn't get any selections from any of my picks, looking back what should the Texans have done? This isn't a "blast the Texans" thread and we all know that hindsight is 20/20. But what do you we should have done knowing how the draft went.

Here's one scenario:

1st round
10th pick - Dunta Robinson

2nd round
40th pick - Bob Sanders SS 5-8 204
or Michael Boulware SS 6-2 223

3rd round
72 pick - Donnell Washington DT 6-5 323

4th round
103rd pick - Will Allen FS 6-1 193

5th round
138th pick - Michael Turner RB 5-10 237

6th round
170th pick Cody Spencer ILB 6-2 242
200th pick Isaac Hilton OLB 6-3 251

211th pick Brian Rimpf OT 6-5 319
248th pick Symons, B.J. QB 6-0 210
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