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Lucky 04-24-2013 10:31 PM

Lucky's 2013 Texans Only Blind Draft (w/ UDFAs)
How does this work? Choose a internet draft board (in this case, CBS Sports), remove all players taken prior to the Texans selection, make pick. Rinse, repeat.

This is more about trying to determine what the Texans might do, than what I would do as GM. No trades, too messy and unpredictable. I will be looking at WR, ILB, OT, and OLB for sure. NT, TE, SS, and RB later. I'm not looking at QB, because I think it's unlikely with 4 on the roster. But if someone is available that knocks my socks off, who knows?

My overall goal (as alluded to by the Texans) is to upgrade the teams speed and overall athleticism. Two words are key in my selection criteria. Texan worthy. I think you know what I'm talking about. To the draft:

1st Round – Pick #27 –Cordarrelle Patterson - WR - Tennessee - I have seen Patterson dropping in mocks recently. So I guess this is possible. The knock on Patterson is that he's very raw as a WR and will be limited in how he can be used in a NFL offense. At the same time, Tavon Austin is rising up mock draft boards due to his "versatility" and play making ability. That is funny to me, because these two are basically the same player...except Patterson packs 30 extra pounds of muscle. Patterson can help this team by taking short passes (a Texan staple) and making guys miss. He can turn a 7 yard pass into a 50 yard TD. I passed on Hopkins (speed concern), Allen (injury and drug concerns) and Woods (my 2nd choice). I think the Texans are locked into WR at this spot.

2nd Round – Pick #57 – Kawann Short – NT/DE - Purdue - I did a double take when I saw Short still on the board. As good a penetrating interior lineman as there is in this draft. Could fit as a Ratliff type NT or slide over to replace Antonio Smith at DE in 2014. Wasn't looking at taking a d-lineman this high, but he was head and shoulders above anyone left on the draft board.

3rd Round – Pick #89 - Corey Lemonier – OLB – Auburn – True junior who regressed some from an outstanding soph season. Strictly a pass rusher at this point with zero coverage skills. But, he's got the raw tools that Phillips and Herring covet.

3rd Round – Pick #95 - Vinston Painter – OT – Virginia Tech – Off the radar pick that the Texans will throw in most drafts. Only a one year starter, but really made strides as a senior at RT. Packs a combination of power and quickness reminiscent of former Hokie Duane Brown. Still raw and not a likely threat to start in 2013.

4th Round – Pick #124 – Nico Johnson – ILB – Alabama – Veteran Crimson Tide LB that has played both inside and outside in the 3-4. Better versus the run than the pass, but has sideline to sideline speed. There are no complete ILBs in this draft, so this is the run stuffer and the coverage LB will have to come later.

5th Round – Pick #160 – Cooper Taylor – S/Nickel LB – Richmond – Former All ACC Safety that has medical concerns (heart). The Texans need to find defenders that have the size and quickness to cover the Gronkowski's and Hernandez types, and Taylor could be a great fit as a nickel LB in the Texans defense.

6th Round – Pick #195 – Don Jones – S – Arkansas State – Originally signed as a RB, moved to Safety in junior college. Outstanding athlete and special teamer who needs coaching to become a contributor in the secondary.

6th Round – Pick #201 – Jake Stoneburner – TE – Ohio State – Versatile weapon for the Buckeyes who split time at WR and TE. Good speed for a 250 lb receiver. 13 TDs in 53 career receptions. Possibly a cross between James Casey and Kevin Walter. Was arrested in 2012 offseason for public urination.

7th Round – Pick #233 – Theo Riddick – RB – Notre Dame – Switched to RB from WR as Senior and rushed for 900 yards in a backfield rotation with Cierre Wood. Nice skill set for a 3rd down back.

Some UDFAs:

Kayvon Webster - CB - South Florida - Raw but hard nosed corner who tested well in the offseason. Would have a chance to make team as a special teamer.

Russell Shepard - WR - LSU - Underachieving wideout who began his career as a wildcat QB. Still, has the natural athletic ability that could translate to the NFL.

Stefan Charles - DE - Regina (Canada) - Big Canadian (6'5" 310) that tested well at one of the regional combines.

Brandon Thurmond - LB - Arkansas Pine Bluff - Super productive (16.5 sacks) SWAC defensive player of the year, but undersized (6'1"). Could possibly covert to ILB.

Shelton Johnson - S - Wisconsin - Good speed and special team ability.

Khiry Robinson - RB - West Texas A&M - One cut runner that runs heavy.

Don't like the picks? No worries. I don't think I've ever gotten a Texans pick right yet in all of the mocks I've done. No reason to expect diferent results this time. Realistically, I don't think Patterson or Short will be available at those spots. Robert Woods and Sio Moore would have been my 2nd choices at those spots.

Corrosion 04-25-2013 12:43 AM

Re: Lucky's 2013 Texans Only Blind Draft (w/ UDFAs)
I Like it .... I had targeted Lemonier and Patterson in the TT Mock but both were gone by the time the selections came up in the 1st and 3rd rounds.

Im shocked Soort is still there at that pick too, I took him @ 27 in the TT Mock .... but know he would have fallen a few more spots but didnt have the option of trading down.

I dont mind the Painter pick either , they almost have to address RT .... I cant see them going into the season with Newton and Harris at that spot - Newton coming off of injury bothers me and to be honest he wasnt all that good last year in the running game. I like him better as a swing tackle than a full time starter.

Nico Johnson I wouldnt complain about but prefer AJ Klien because of his ability to cover.

Solid draft to be sure.


srrono 04-25-2013 04:43 AM

Re: Lucky's 2013 Texans Only Blind Draft (w/ UDFAs)
I like your mock, if it fell this way I would be happy. I tell you one thing this years draft has me more nervous then any other draft ever. (Texans & Oilers history) This draft is either going to propel this franhcise into a true SuperBowl contender or the team is going to start its decline. The offense is getting aged and predictable with no expolssive weapons. The defense has lots of holes that need repair. Texans GM Smith needs to ace this draft.

DL needs help for JJ Watt to continue his success, plus run Def needs a boost. If Hou can stop the run consistantly then Watt 7 others can peel thier ears back and go get the QB.

OLB/ILB Can we get some speed in our LB core please no more old LBs with no wheels.

WR I love your choice Cordarrelle Patterson kids hands may be suspect just get him the ball on short screens then watched him make guys miss, he should help return game aswell.

Seņor Stan 04-25-2013 05:17 AM

Re: Lucky's 2013 Texans Only Blind Draft (w/ UDFAs)
I can only hope it goes down this way!

I'm a big Cordarrelle fan. I would be happy with Short in the first, so this is a best case scenario for me...

Lucky 04-29-2013 02:58 PM

Re: Lucky's 2013 Texans Only Blind Draft (w/ UDFAs)

Originally Posted by Lucky (Post 2155282)
Don't like the picks? No worries. I don't think I've ever gotten a Texans pick right yet in all of the mocks I've done.

Another perfect mock! My record is unblemished.

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