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Number19 04-21-2013 04:01 PM

Locked In - My Final Mock
This year's draft is short on "elite" WR, but incredibly deep on prospects just a level or two below this. You know Gary and his team have done their homework. The two or three best receivers will be off the board at #27, but it's not just an automatic decision to take a receiver with our pick. Gary will have listed all the players he think will contribute immediately in our offense and will have projected where these players will be taken. If he's fairly confident that a player on his list will be there at #57 ( he may not be certain which player on the list will be there, just that one will be ) the organization may be persuaded to go a different route with the first pick.

I believe Ryan Swope is on that list. Since Mayock commented on his "history of concussions", this has been a concern to some. But Swope did not miss a single game during his collegiate career - playing in all 51 games. Gary will have done his homework - contacted his A&M contacts. Swope's medical will not be a factor.

So, here's my final mock. It's the same one posted previously several weeks ago - I've found no reasons to change it. This mock addresses all our most pressing needs and the players all fit our offensive and defensive schemes. I haven't engaged in any wishful dreaming that certain players fall to us and my biggest worry is that a few of my picks will be taken just slightly earlier in the rounds I have them slotted for.

First Round #27.....Jesse Williams - NT- Alabama - 6'-3" - 325 lbs - 4.92 forty - 30 reps
Large, powerful, mobile and dominate force demanding double teams. Should be able to win the starting position as a rookie. Immediate upgrade.

Second Round #57...Ryan Swope - WR -Texas A&M - 6'-0" - 205 lbs - 4.34 / 4.40 forties - 16 reps
Not just fast, but quick, sharp cutting, tough and able to make the difficult catch over the middle. Small but good hands. Excellent after-the-catch break-a-way ability. Play maker who will be an immediate upgrade.

Third Round #89...Cooper Taylor - SS - Richmond - 6'-4" - 225 lbs - 4.47 forty - 7.03 three cone - 4.03 short shuttle - 23 reps
Small school sleeper who has caught the attention of teams. Smart, athletic, quick and instinctive defender who excels in-the-box. Should challenge Manning to start. Should be an immediate gunner on special teams.

Third Round #95c...Chase Thomas - LB - Stanford - 6'-3" - 245 lbs - 4.80 forty - 21 reps - short arms (32 1/4")
Rated as an OLB but I'm projecting him inside to the weakside ILB. Against two TE offensive sets, the weak side ILB has responsibility to stack and shed the OLG against the run and Thomas has natural strength and strong hands. Effective in zone coverage. As an OLB, has excellent pass rush skills. Very high football IQ and should be able to pick up Wade's defense quickly, challenging Sharpton for the starting role.

Forth Round #124... Reid Fragel - ORT - Ohio State - 6'-7" - 308 lbs - 5.14 forty - 33 reps - 33" arms
Converted TE. Good foot work to move laterally...ability to bend his knees...ability and foot speed to move in space and get to the second level...fine technique, positioning and overall strength. Also projects inside to guard.

Fifth Round #160...David Quessemberry - ORG - San Jose State - 6'-5" - 300 lbs - 5.08 forty - 25 reps - 34" arms
Aggressive...uses his hands well to lock on and control his defender...adept at walling off...sustains his run blocks both inline and on the second level... alert to pick up stunts and blitzes,

Sixth Round #195...Jake Knott - ILB - Iowa State - 6'-1 3/4" - 243 lbs - 4.84 forty - 7.16 three cone - 4.30 short shuttle - 20 reps - 34" VJ - 9'-5" BJ
The above stats are from his pro day, one month after being medically cleared from his shoulder surgery. Excels in both pass coverage and in rush defense. High football IQ, instinctive player and relentless hustler...only average athleticism. Flexible hip and fluidity to play in reverse. Does a good job stacking and shedding at the POA with the quick hands to separate. Will be moving from the outside to the inside.

Sixth Round #201c...Brandon McGee - CB - Miami (Fl) - 5'-11" - 193 lbs - 4.40 forty
Has some ability and tools but is developmental project, may find playing time in nickle and dime packages.

Seventh Round #233...Marc Anthony - CB - California - 6'-0" - 196 lbs - 4.63 forty
Has some ability and tools but is developmental project, may find playing time in nickle and dime packages.

76Texan 04-21-2013 04:13 PM

Re: Locked In - My Final Mock
I do have concern about Thomas at the next level.
Thomas got by with his smart, but his athletic limitation is a hindrance in the pros.

Even though late third round is a good spot for him, I would rather look for a guy that is a raw who has better athleticism.

I'm not sure Knott offers much either, but I don't expect much out of a sixth rounder.
However, I'd like to go for a guy like McCain who has size limitation, but showed (at Utah) that he has the ability to mirror his man with the physicality that is not easy to match for his size.

Number19 04-21-2013 04:48 PM

Re: Locked In - My Final Mock
I've been high on Knott for maybe two months, and have been persuaded by sound comments that maybe I was overvaluing where he should be taken. But as you said, the 6th round is where you might gamble on a good athlete who has question marks.

Your comments on Thomas are the first I've read, at least that I remember, who cast some doubt on taking this prospect and certainly so late in the 3rd. I'm aware that he has some limitations, but I wanted a LB in the first three rounds. The more I studied the prospects that were likely to be available at this draft position, I always came back to Thomas. My final thinking was that even if he wasn't everything I wanted, he did represent an upgrade over Sharpton and therefor represented an improvement in the defense.

What I wanted was two definite starters from this draft - #1 and #2 - and two who would challenge for the starting position with a strong likelihood of starting the first game. By the third round all your draft choices are going to have some limitations. Both Taylor and Thomas have the high football IQ that will allow them to learn the system quickly and challenge for their respective starting positions.

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