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b0ng 08-14-2012 02:07 AM

Evaluate this draft
I will try to go round by round some rounds may be switched. Overall I'm pleased with it, but maybe I'm just bright eyed. Here's the roster, I'll try to put which round I got the player in but it's not totally accurate:

QB: Phillip Rivers (4th round), Matt Schaub 11th)
RB: Arian Foster (1st round), Jamaal Charles (2nd round), Jonathan Stewart (5th or 6th round, maybe later), Isaac Redman (Late rounder)
WR: Mike Wallace (3rd round or 5th), AJ Green (whatever Wallace wasn't), Malcolm Floyd (8th? maybe later), Kenny Britt (Really really late), Keshawn Martin (last pick)
TE: Aaron Hernardez (Somewhere around Jonathan Stewart and Malcolm Floyd picks), Owen Daniels (12th)
K: Matt Prater (Late round)
DEF: Steelers (2nd to last pick)

What do you guys think? I'm watching preseason heavily to see who's getting the most work at WR spots and TE's that could be a steal.

10 team league no PPR. 4 points for passing TD 6 for rushing. 1pt/25 yards passing 1pt/10 yards rushing.

Dutchrudder 08-14-2012 09:24 AM

Re: Evaluate this draft
That's a good team with potential, but I'm not too high on JC this year. I know he had one good season and then was on IR last year, but the Chiefs have added two capable backs in Hillis and Cyrus Grey. I think JC is going to be stuck in a RB by committee situation and it's going to hurt his value. I also try to avoid Panthers RBs as they are streaky, a 5th/6th is too early to take a guy who you can't count on to start games. Redman is a good backup, and may be your best option week 1 with Mendenhall out.

In a non-ppr league, WRs aren't as important, so you did good getting Wallace in the 3rd as a guy who will put up lots of yards and TDs, but little receptions. Green's a good pick too, but watch out for the sophomore slump for him and Dalton. I'm also very concerned about the Bengal's run-game this year after they let Benson go. Defenses may not have to respect the run-game as much and will be able to dedicate safeties to Green. If Britt comes back from injury healthy then he should be a great option, and I would love to have him as a late rounder.

I'm not too high on Philip Rivers this year, it just seems like he declined a lot in 2011, and I'm not gonna take a risk on him. Of the Chargers WRs, I like Floyd the most though and the 8th round sounds about right for him. He has a big body and should be a good RZ target. Kmart as a sleeper is a good call with a last pick. I don't expect AJ to play the whole season, so you may get some good games out of him.

Your TEs are your weakness IMO, Hernandez is streaky and there are a lot of other receiving options in NE. If he's what ya got due to a run on TEs, that's fine, but I'm not buying the top 4 TE koolaide on him like some FF sites. Brandon Lloyd is going to steal a lot of receptions from the TEs this year (something Ocho Cinco couldn't do), and I believe the entire league is going to see a decline in passing yards. Last year was an aberration due to the lockout, and I think we will see a resurgence of defenses this year. OD is a good TE, we all know this, but the Texans have always been a TE by committee team, and I prefer to avoid those.

Steelers D in the second to last round is great. Most leagues I'm in people start picking DST's in the 7th round, and I love it because it always lets a RB or WR drop to me. Usually they take the big names like Jets, Ravens and Steelers. I guess you are in a more experienced group of players.

b0ng 08-14-2012 05:19 PM

Re: Evaluate this draft
I liked Charles's ability and honestly I don't think Hillis is going to threaten Charles's carries much. If Cyrus Grey is the bomb then so be it.

I banked on one portion of my team being week and I figured TE would be it, I got caught in the no mans land of the top guys being gone. TE is a position that I usually watch the waiver wire on just in case there is a TE with a good match-up or whatnot in case my drafted guys tank.

Rivers did throw a lot of picks last year but meh, I got scared when other QB's started going before him (If I remember right I got Rvers after Roethlisburger and P. Manning went back to back) but I think Schaub being so late in the draft was decent.

A lot of times I don't even draft a defense because they can be match-up dependent moreso than the other positions on the roster but I figured the Steelers wouldn't be a bad defense to pick up that late (Texans defense went in round 10 which made me smile a little).

I just went through with an auction draft for my first time, this is what I came out with:

QB(2): Aaron Rodgers, Matt Schaub
RB(4): A. Peterson, Mojo, Redman, Stewart
WR(5): M. Austin, V. Jackson, Stevie Johnson (BUF), Torrey Smith (BAL), Britt
TE(2): Witten, Gonzales
K: Prater
DEF: Seattle

This one seems to have question marks at WR, however this is the same scoring as the previous league (No PPR), so I'm not as worried about it. I was surprised I was able to get Peterson, Jones-Drew and Rodgers without the rest of my team being crap but here we are.

Dutchrudder 08-14-2012 10:23 PM

Re: Evaluate this draft
^ that is a solid draft. Every year there are breakout WRs that nobody sees coming, like Miles Austin in 2010, Victor Cruz in 2011, etc etc. Have a WR that you don't care about and drop him for someone that heats up in week 1 or during preseason. You may find a gem or two just by sheer luck. To me WR3 is the position easiest to fill with spot duty, besides DST and Kickers.

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